Growing Marijuana In Nebraska

For the most part, the heartland of America has been a challenge for those wanting to legalize marijuana. Nebraska, however, has been a shining beacon of hope.

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Growing Marijuana In Nebraska

The quiet state, known for its treeless prairies and cattle industry, is the only Great Plains state to decriminalize marijuana.

Nebraska is in the middle of America, but it is also in the middle of a variety of marijuana laws. On its southwest border is Colorado, the first state ever to legalize marijuana, while Kansas, South Dakota, and Wyoming – all with strict marijuana laws – fill its north, south, and west border.

Only Iowa, on its eastern border, has a somewhat similar marijuana program – medical CBD with rehab for personal users.

Decriminalized possession

Decriminalized possession

Nebraska does not have specific rules on growing marijuana; instead, cultivation falls under sale and manufacturing rules.  Possession of less than one ounce is an infraction with a $300 fine.

If it happens a second time, the charge increases to five days in jail and a $500 fine.  If you get caught a third time you probably should reconsider your methods, but you’d still only face a week in jail as long as it is under an ounce.

Growing marijuana

For marijuana growing in Nebraska, it is likely you won’t get off quite so easily because it now counts under the same rules as sale or manufacture, which are highly strict.

If caught with any amount of marijuana plants, you could end up with a felony of 1-20 years in jail, and a $25,000 fine.

The mandatory minimum sentence for sale or manufacture is one year in jail. If you somehow manage to do it again and get caught again, you will get a mandatory minimum sentence of 3 years – and as high as a life sentence. Nebraska seriously isn’t messing around when it comes to growing or selling marijuana.

Nebraska is no longer prioritizing the prosecution of small marijuana offenses, but they still have quite a few restrictive laws.  For example, possessing any paraphernalia is a $100 fine if it’s your first offense.

If it’s your second offense or you are selling paraphernalia, you could get a misdemeanor, 6 months in jail, and a $1000 fine.

There is also a frightening skull and crossbones tax stamp that is required if caught possessing 6 ounces or more. It costs $100 per ounce! Not paying doubles the fine and is an automatic felony. 

If the price and graphic don’t scare you out of using marijuana, they added the letters RIP to the stamp.  Apparently, people in Nebraska believe you can die from marijuana.

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