Growing Marijuana In Utah

Can you grow weed in Utah? If the answer is yes, then you’ll have to be a little creative. This is because Utah has some of the strictest marijuana law in the West. What can you expect from the state that hesitated when given the chance to join the United States, and still has a proud history of being unique?

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This state isn’t likely to follow the trends of its neighbors.  In fact, Utah seems determined to stand apart, although it did recently legalize medical marijuana. However, you still cannot smoke marijuana in this state – even with a prescription, making it nothing like Nevada or Colorado.

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    Utah Marijuana Laws

    Laws for possessing one ounce of marijuana are strict enough, and good luck growing something less than one ounce. Possession of greater than one ounce can result in a year in jail and a $2500 fine.

    They also have a tax stamp that charges $3.50/gram of marijuana.  If arrested with weed and no proof of marijuana tax payment, the fine doubles, plus there is an additional criminal charge. More marijuana laws at

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    Medical Marijuana

    For the longest time, it was clear that Utah didn’t have a problem with marijuana; it had a problem with THC and smoking. Since 2014, the state has maintained an agricultural program devoted to the research of hemp. It also permits Medical CBD for patients with qualifying conditions. A state-licensed grower is responsible for providing this low THC CBD.

    Now, after voters approved a medical marijuana program in 2018, Utah’s support for patients includes THC tinctures and edibles. While this is a move in the right direction, in true Utah fashion, it is still quite restrictive.

    The marijuana must have low to moderate THC (10grams or less), and patients are not allowed to smoke it. Approved conditions include cancer, epilepsy, and PTSD.


    Growing marijuana

    Growing marijuana in general is not allowed in Utah, but there is one exception. If you are an approved patient and live more than 100 miles from a dispensary, you could grow your own. However, this part of the 2018 proposition does not go into effect until 2021.

    State laws do not make it very easy, but it does not mean there isn’t a way to safely grow weed in Utah. You simply need to know how to do it. The Marijuana Grow Bible is full of great tips on how to grow marijuana in hard to grow places, such as Utah.

    Using techniques such as guerilla growing, and stealth indoor grows, you can grow weed- even in the toughest state in the West. It is about knowing what you are doing, having a plan and sticking to it. The Grow Bible has the instructions.

    The amount of states with harsh marijuana laws is growing steadily smaller. In a region with a rapidly increasing pro-marijuana stance, it is unclear how long they will be able to remain anti-weed.

    In the meanwhile, marijuana smokers in Utah are encouraged to practice discretion, grow their marijuana instead of attempting to buy it, and continue to support legislation to legalize it. Utah may not be a state that follows the trends, but eventually, the reality of marijuana will become clear even there.

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      FAQ About Growing Marijuana In Utah

      Is it legal to possess marijuana in Utah?

      No, Its not legal to possess marijuana in Utah. Even a small amount of weed, whether it’s for recreational or medicinal purposes, could land you in prison.

      Is it legal to sell marijuana in Utah?

      No, selling marijuana in Utah in considered a felony. You will end up paying $5000 fine and spending 5 years in prison.

      Is it legal to grow marijuana in Utah?

      No one is allowed to legally cultivate marijuana in the State of Utah. There is no medical marijuana program as well.

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        8 comments on “Growing Marijuana In Utah”

        1. They don’t allow combustion (smoking) BUT you can vape it which is more potent, you get all the Terpenes and flavors, and is way better for your lungs.

        2. I live in Utah and from my understanding you can buy CBD flower online but you can’t smoke it! Try buying a cookie at the store and told you can’t eat it… Outrageous!

        3. Vicky,

          If you want to get the best advice on Heno growing in Utah; I suggest you contact your local agriculture agent and ask.

          In general, yes, you could grow hemp in Utah. Check your local laws. Is it an ag product, or a medical product? That is where you need to start. Good Luck 🙂