Growing Marijuana In Iowa

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Growing Marijuana In Iowa

Growing Iowa weed has both its challenges and its rewards. It can be a challenge because it is not yet a legalized state. Iowa has not licensed medical marijuana, but it has recognized the benefits of the marijuana plant. The state allows the use of CBD extracts for treating intractable epilepsy. It also has relaxed possession laws for first-time offenders- many times you are only required to go on probation and attend rehab.

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    Iowa laws

    cannabis law iowa

    Iowa has a marijuana tax. No, this does not mean you have to pay extra for your seeds if you plan on growing Iowa weed.  It does mean that Iowa would like to make money off of your marijuana. The marijuana tax is supposed to be paid by anyone who has possession of the plant. The current tax is $750 per plant.

    According to the Federal government, you should be able to pay for the stamps anonymously; otherwise no one would buy them. If for any reason you are caught with a plant, show the stamp and prevent any additional charges. The tax doesn’t remove any other charges they might try to place on you, but it should reduce the total number of charges received.

    Growing Iowa weed is a challenge, but it is not impossible. The important thing to remember is to be discrete, keep only a small amount of plants, and keep your supply to yourself.  Also, by learning expert stealth growing techniques, and purchasing high-quality seeds, (so that you need fewer plants), you are less likely to get caught. These simple steps will reduce your risk while you safely medicate.

    Growing in Iowa

    grow weed iowa

    Growing Iowa weed may be the best way to medicate since purchasing might be risky and difficult. Before you begin, start by downloading and reading the Marijuana Grow Bible. It covers many concerns that indoor and guerilla growers face- including getting caught.

    Growing Iowa weed currently has the same charges as federal law- up to five years for up to 50 kilograms. So it is important that you carefully plan how you grow. There are ways to prevent that from happening, and the Grow Bible covers it in detail.

    The amount of weed you grow will make a difference if you happen to get caught. That is why it is a good idea to start with a small amount of quality seeds that will give you a high yield.

    By purchasing seeds from our store, that is just what you will get -seeds that are guaranteed to germinate and grow into a high-quality marijuana plant.

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    If growing Iowa weed it is best that it is done privately. I say this because Iowa has laws specific to marijuana and social gatherings.

    I’d guess that the lawmakers in this state have watched the Reefer Madness movie a bit too many times. Regardless, a stealth approach to growing is a good idea in this heartland state.

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