Growing Marijuana in Iowa

Growing Iowa weed is illegal because it is not yet a legalized state. Iowa has not licensed medical marijuana, but it has recognized the benefits of the marijuana plant. The state allows the use of CBD extracts for treating intractable epilepsy.

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Iowa laws

cannabis law iowa

Iowa has a marijuana tax. This means that Iowa would like to make money off of marijuana even though it’s illegal. The marijuana tax is supposed to be paid by anyone who has possession of the plant. The current tax is $750 per plant.

According to the Federal government, you should be able to pay for the stamps anonymously; otherwise, no one would buy them. If for any reason you are caught with a plant, show the stamp and prevent any additional charges. The tax doesn’t remove any other charges they might try to place on you, but it should reduce the total number of charges received.

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Growing in Iowa

grow weed iowa

Growing Iowa weed currently has the same charges as federal law- up to five years for up to 50 kilograms.

The amount of weed you grow will make a difference if you happen to get caught.

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4 comments on “Growing Marijuana in Iowa”

  1. Iowa laws about cannabis are booty. They tried to do some weird criminalization of CBD or at least make it punishable if you sold it out of the store even though a lot of people already were. And then they had been starting this thing that was a “” medical marijuana” but all they were doing was writing prescriptions for CBD stuff that they won’t even actually write you so they have a store that supposed to sell CBD products by prescription but it’s just all A show to appear politically progressive. But it is all bogus. When I was 19 as a first time offender at 18 months in state prison for one bowl of weed and two pain pills. 19 I went to Fort Dodge State prison with murderers and rapists. At 19. This was just a few years ago.
    Love this site and growing reefer much love to all!❤️

    • I mean Everyone sells CBD right now but it’s not because Kim Reynolds wanted it that way it’s just because they had to scare people for a second so that they could move forward with appearing like they were changing laws but really they were just banking off of the fear that they created for everyone the fear to bye and so I need CBD when it’s not a legal anywhere to begin with so it was just a weird city ordinance thing that only lasted for a month or so but they use that to make another change the laws that they could appear politically progressive.