Growing Marijuana in Ohio

It may not be legal to smoke weed in Ohio, but did you know that there is no risk of jail time for growing small amounts of marijuana? Thanks to decriminalization, possession of less than 100 grams is only a misdemeanor with a $150 fine.

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Even more, this goes for growing too. Cultivation is considered the same as possession. What this law means is, you could grow a very small amount of marijuana in Ohio and only face a small fine. It doesn’t even go on your record.

Medical marijuana program Ohio

Ohio has decriminalized marijuana, and it has a medical marijuana program. The medical marijuana program provides cannabis through state-sponsored dispensaries, and patients must receive a referral from a board-certified doctor.

Medical Marijuana

Unfortunately, the state does not leave room for home growing- even for patients. Therefore, those choosing marijuana as medicine are at the mercy of what is available to them.

For medical marijuana patients, it is typically better to be able to manage your results by choosing your own strain and controlling the grow environment. Marijuana comes in many varieties, and not every strain will have the same effect.  

Purchasing high–quality medical marijuana seeds that you choose from our store and maintaining an all-natural grow room is the best way to get optimal therapy from your marijuana.

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The program covers the following conditions: AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, cancer, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, hepatitis C, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic and severe or intractable pain, Parkinson’s disease, HIV positive status, PTSD, sickle cell anemia, spinal cord disease or injury, Tourette’s syndrome, traumatic brain injury, or ulcerative colitis.

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Ohio fines

Weed growing in Ohio is not just optimal for the patient. Anyone who enjoys getting high every once in a while can benefit from the state’s decriminalized weed policy.

With a 100-gram limit, anyone can have a decent amount of weed without worrying about getting arrested.  A single plant can easily produce that much with enough to share.

a dried cannabis bud placed on top of a banknote
Ohio Fines

Speaking of sharing, if you’d like to share some of your harvest, but are concerned about being called a drug dealer, don’t be- the occasional weed share in Ohio is also decriminalized. A gift of 20 grams or less is a misdemeanor with a fine of $150 if caught.

The problem starts when you have more than 100g in your possession, or you give away more than 200g (which is, unfortunately, easy to do with a single plant). So, if you’re growing and sharing, remember, keep it small and keep it free.

Growing marijuana in Ohio

Weed growing in Ohio is safest when done in small amounts. If you grow, you are a lot safer with a single plant. The Marijuana Grow Bible has some great tips on how to get the best yield from your plants– whether they are medicinal or not.

Growing marijuana  in Ohio

It also has great advice on how to grow discretely and easily. Combine this with high-quality seeds and plant care products, and you’ll get high quality without a lot of plant.

buy ohio cannabis seeds

Buy seeds for Ohio

We selected the best seeds to grow in the Ohio climate! If you are planning to grow outdoors then, check out our custom collection of Ohio weather-approved seeds.

They may not have legalized it but weed growing in Ohio is a fairly safe practice that has great rewards. With the right preparation, it is easy, affordable and productive. Plus, you don’t even have to leave your home.

FAQ about growing marijuana in Ohio

Is it illegal to possess cannabis in Ohio?

Yes, Those not participating in Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program may not legally possess cannabis in Ohio.

What is affirmative defense?

For possessing between 200 to 1,000 grams of cannabis, the Ohio court allows an affirmative defense. The defendant must prove in court that the cannabis was possessed solely for personal consumption.

What the legal status of growing marijuana in Ohio?

Growing marijuana in Ohio is punishable. According to Ohio state law, the penalties for cultivating, manufacturing or growing cannabis are identical to those for possession. These penalties are based on the weight of the product found. 

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  1. In ohio since growing isn’t legal if plant hasn’t flowered yet how would they go by weight, or if plant is in veg stage

  2. Laws for cannabis in Ohio will never be that good untill it’s off schedual 1 and all growers need hordiculture degree or not be med only rec, Ohio decriminalised not it gets tooken and you fined so still punished,not any saftey for disability patients to be cut off as drug addict, l could write better law,I think most advacasey groups are in alittle with gov.cause of stupid written laws and changing laws in other states now, it’s God’s plant to use there’s lots of versus in Bible and man grew it for rec not meds against god need more cannabinoids in groth,but it’s easier to rec grow cheaper that’s why grown rec for profit

  3. all their statutes are phony and don’t mean crap. ive beaten 3 traffic ticket misdemeanors, so I’d personally grow as much as I could. #challengejurisdiction
    Furthermore, they can’t prove anything without getting a warrant to search your property, and if your property is in a common law trust, with you as the trustee, they’ll never be able to touch you.

  4. people in ohio cant get pain medicine from a dr if you have marjor surgrey you only get 10 pain pills so why cant ohio help us with chronic pain this stinks

    • I’ve had 4 failed back surgeries all while living in ohio and I agree with you 100% My mri is a road map and I can’t get the pain medicine I need & I see this just as a way to make money in ohio not to actually help the pain patients

    • The wording in the law in reguards to Chronic Pain are ‘Pain that is either chronic and severe or intractable’. In my MyCharts health conditions that is listed as Chronic Pain Syndrome. So it is covered so long as your Doctor is in agreement with such a diagnosis.