Growing Marijuana In South Dakota

South Dakota had very strict marijuana laws, but this ended in November 2020, when voters approved a constitutional amendment legalizing recreational marijuana and passed Initiative 26 legalizing medical marijuana.

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Currently, it is legal to possess small amounts of marijuana. As of July 2021, adults may carry up to one ounce. In terms of growing marijuana, both patients and adults may grow up to three plants. Patients can grow more if authorized by a physician.

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Growing in South Dakota

grow weed south dakota

Constitutional Amendment A approved both recreational and medical growing of up to three plants, starting in July 2021. Medical users may increase the number of plants that they can grow with physician approval.

Recreational dispensaries are planned, however, many believe they will not be operational until late 2022. That means, growing your own marijuana in South Dakota, is the best way to get started.

If you’re ready to grow, here’s what you need to get started:

  1. Download and read the free Marijuana Grow Bible. It details the easiest way to grow marijuana, including setting up lighting for growing indoors and tips on maintaining your plants and harvesting them.
  2. Purchase a few high-quality marijuana seeds. Remember, you don’t need to grow a lot of plants to get a lot of weed. When you use high-quality seeds, your plants can yield potent buds that don’t compare to the low-quality stuff you may get from a dealer. Plus, growing your own plants lets you control what goes into your plants, and also lets you create delicious edibles out of homemade marijuana butter.
  3. Plant and harvest your seeds. Using the tips and guidelines in the Marijuana Grow Bible, you’ll learn how to grow your marijuana plants as well as when and how to harvest them. After reading it, you’ll be able to grow weed in South Dakota like an expert in no time.

Native American Laws

There aren’t a lot of people in South Dakota, especially on the western part of the state. It is mostly a grasslands state- perfect for growing weed.  South Dakota also has a large Native American population. They have a reservation on the western side of the state.

Native American reservations are able to set their own marijuana laws, regardless of the law in the state (check this wiki page). 

South Dakota has legalized marijauna, which means, it’s time to start growing! By simply following the steps in the Marijuana Grow Bible, as well as purchasing high-quality seeds, anyone can grow the best marijuana in the Great Plains.

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  1. Here in Arkansas we will not be able to grow our own medicine. It’s against the law. We will be forced to buy from a system that is run by the liquor commission. In Illinois it is a most corrupt institution. (You can buy liquor cheaper in a store.) Can’t do that. You must buy your liquor from the state at a premium. Arkansas is going the same way with marijuana. It seems Arkansas is the next Illinois.