Growing Marijuana In Tennessee

Some states are harder to grow in than others. Tennessee is one of those states.

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Marijuana Laws in Tennessee

Tennessee has two separate categories of marijuana possession: less than ½ ounce and greater than ½ ounce. Anything greater than ½ ounce is classified as selling.

For marijuana growing in Tennessee, the state classifies growing 10 plants or less as a felony charge. If caught, growers could face at least a year in jail.

tennessee cannabis growing

Outdoor Growing

Many parts of Tennessee are used for agricultural purposes. In fact, Tennessee is a leading provider of America’s tobacco industry.

Growing plants for industry is so common in Tennessee that the state is considering growing another form of cannabis, hemp, as an industry. So don’t be surprised if you see some marijuana-looking plants in this state.

medical marijuana tennessee

Medical Marijuana

It may be a little surprise that Tennessee does not have a medical marijuana program, but it has adopted a medical CBD program.

In case you are not familiar with it, the medical CBD program lets patients use non-THC cannabis oil for treating seizures.

It is a small step toward medical legalization that, unfortunately, removes the marijuana plant from the solution.

While it doesn’t help make it easier to grow weed in Tennessee, it does show that the state is at least willing to consider the benefits of this beautiful plant.

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FAQs About Growing Marijuana in Tennessee

Does cannabis grow well in Tennessee?

Tennessee could be ideal for marijuana growing, but it’s highly illegal to do so.

What Tennessee laws are in place about growing marijuana?

Growing 10 plants or less is classified by Tennessee laws as a felony charge. If caught, growers could face at least 1 year of jail time.

What’s your experience with marijuana where you live? Let us know in the comments!


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6 comments on “Growing Marijuana In Tennessee”

  1. Tennessee is always in the top 5 states for growing marijuana. It is nothing but hills and hollows and has a tradition of moonshining going back for generations…. legality has nothing to do with it, in fact growing illegally is much more profitable than growing legally, just like making corn liquor.

  2. Decades ago, I used to grow for my own personal use in Tennessee. Indoors, germinated 3 seeds hoping for 1 or 2 females. Our 3 day old daughter was injured by the family dog while I was at work. sheriff’s deputies beat the ambulance to our house, looking to gather evidence on a “Vicious dog mauling”. They didn’t find anything, luckily my single female I had flowering was in a detached garage. When I got home, it went straight into the wood stove. I will not Crack another seed open until i am in a legal state. I miss it everyday. Meanwhile, Crystal meth is in every high school in my county.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for sharing. Definitely unfortunate how its still illegal in some states after all this time. Even though success has clearly been demonstrated in the legal states.
      Lets hope for the best, and hopefully Tennessee will catch up soon!
      Kind regards,

  3. i stealth grow in tn, i have glaucoma, smoking benefits me more than the eyedrops my dr prescribes to me, told him the same thing & he recommended me to keep smoking if that gives me the best relief. i dont seee how it is legal for a state to keep a substance that has medical use that benefits me, away from me, they can piss off while i grow 4 plants a yr for myself