Growing Marijuana In Washington DC

For a long time it was already legal to use marijuana for medicinal purposes in Washington DC, and as of a few years ago, growing marijuana in DC is also legal for adults (21 years of age and older).

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Growing Marijuana In Washington DC

DC Marijuana Laws

washington DC cannabis laws

The District of Columbia had decriminalized marijuana already, so current residents practicing marijuana growing  in DC faced minor charges. For a while, cultivation of up to 1 oz was only a $25 fine.

Now, it is actually legal to grow 6 plants or less (three mature plants at a time), as long as it is done within the person’s residence and he or she is at least 21 years old.

Larger amounts of plants may lead to a few months’ jail time, but first-timers are taken into consideration and may only face probation.

Then again, why risk it? It’s better to stick to the 6 plants rule and maximize the growth with some good techniques and equipment.

While DC marijuana laws are pretty relaxed, they take the intent to distribute very seriously. The easiest way to be mistaken for a drug dealer is to advertise that you have a lot of plants.

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    Growing Marijuana in Washington, DC

    Growing in DC

    Just a few years ago elections approved the use of recreational marijuana and home cultivation. It has already gone into effect — congratulations, DC, you have been freed!

    This went into effect on February 26th, 2015. Of course, there are still specific laws you need to pay attention to, such as the fact that no one may grow more than 6 plants at home.

    Legalized marijuana growing in DC is one of the many steps towards legalization that the district has made. It also has an active medical marijuana program that approves the use of up to 2 ounces of marijuana for any debilitating condition.

    While this was a big step for the eastern state, the law did not allow home cultivation. Patients were required to purchase their marijuana from approved dispensaries, limiting access to those in pain.

    Luckily, things have changed and any adult can possess and grow a certain amount of marijuana legally.

    Buy Marijuana Seeds In Washington DC

    Buy quality marijuana seeds

    If you are only growing 1 or 2 plants (or 3 plants of the same age at a time, as the law allows), it is very important that those seeds grow into high yielding plants.

    That is why you should purchase your seeds from I Love Growing Marijuana. Not only do we sell the best seeds, we also guarantee that they will germinate. When you are marijuana growing in DC, trust us, the quality of the seeds is going to matter.

    How you grow the seeds is also going to make a difference. You will want to give your plant the best chance at success.

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    It may seem too good to be true, but now there is no reason why you shouldn’t be marijuana growing in the nation’s capital. Get prepared now and get ready to enjoy the best homegrown weed of your life.

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      1. Hello. My name is William Roberson. I presently have a Florida cannabis certification. I have plans in the future to move back to DC. Can I obtain seeds to a quality product and grow for myself in my own home when I move back? I can’t get anything here cause I’m in Florida. Just reaching out for information on growing legally, and having my medical certification in DC. . Any input will help me. Thank. Sincerely, William Roberson.