Growing Marijuana In Wisconsin

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Wisconsin does not have a medical marijuana program and you cannot grow weed in Wisconsin. 

Growing Marijuana In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is one of the few states with specific laws about growing marijuana. The interesting part about this used to be that the laws started at 4 plants. What if you only grow one or two plants?

Now, however, the law includes specific penalties for individuals caught growing four plants or fewer. And it is barely any better than if you were growing 20 plants — it is still a felony and is 3.5 years in jail instead of 6 years. The fine, $10,000, is the same as 4-20 (no pun intended) plants.

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    Keep it small?

    Of course, some people still grow weed in Wisconsin and the mistake most people make is that they grow too much. While the idea of too much marijuana might seem unlikely- when you are trying to stay out of trouble, it definitely can be.  Especially since four plants can mean 6 years in jail whereas two could be 3.5, why wouldn’t you just grow two? You can always grow more at a later time.

    Additionally, fewer plants are more difficult to detect, but since the penalties in Wisconsin are so strict, it is best to skip the risk.

    Wisconsin may have a lot of laws against marijuana, but they also have a bit of a soft spot. The state has a conditional release policy. This means those caught for the first time will likely face probation rather than jail time.

    Growing in Wisconsin

    Growing in Wisconsin

    If you are brazen enough to grow marijuana in this state, do it discretely. Keeping a marijuana grow private can be a struggle for some people. Many times they are excited about their new plant and want to brag. Other times they just don’t know what to do. Yes, marijuana is natural and beautiful, but you do not have to let everyone know you are growing it.

    Medical marijuana

    Medical marijuana

    It’s not legal to smoke weed in Wisconsin for medical reasons. Instead, they have approved a medical CBD program.  Medical CBD is a bit like medical marijuana because it is made of cannabis plants, but it is very different because it contains little to no THC. There aren’t many cannabis plants that make little to no THC, so finding medical CBD can be a challenge. Most of the time it is an expensive hybrid plant limited to corporate marijuana companies. If you are able to find it, it is approved in Wisconsin for seizure disorders only.

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      1. It will never be kegal in Wisconsin. At least not until Democrats take over tge Assembly and State Senate and have the Governor. Unfortunately, the GOP has so horribly gerrymandered the state with Frankenstein districts that it won’t happen for a very long time. Feels like being held hostage at times.

      2. WI sucks……f-in red neck state won’t legalize till the feds do. All you can do here is drink your liver off. Beer and cheese and fat chicks, if you like that then WI is for you.