Growing Marijuana In Wyoming

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Wyoming is unlike any state in America. It used to have large amounts of roaming buffalo; it hosts mountains and grasslands and is the site of the famous Yellowstone National Park. These are all good reasons why you might not be surprised that Wyoming weed growing is a bit unlike weed growing elsewhere.

First of all, it is the only state to arrest people for being under the influence of marijuana. Other states will arrest those who are driving, or those who are seen using marijuana, or even those who have it on them- not Wyoming. Instead, this state arrests those who have used marijuana and puts them in jail for up to 90 days.

Legally, Wyoming is in the middle of everything.  To the north and south are the pro-marijuana states of Montana and Colorado. However, on its east and west are the strongly opposed states of Idaho, Utah, Nebraska and South Dakota. Wyoming sits directly between the free-spirited West Coast and Midwest Americana. On a greater scale, not many people are impacted by Wyoming’s laws as the state has the least amount of people in the entire US.

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    Growing in Wyoming

    growing weed in wyoming

    Wyoming weed growing is for the highly determined as it is very risky in this state. You’d not only need to be discrete about growing; but you’d also have to be discrete about consuming.  If this is what you want to learn how to do, download the free marijuana grow bible.  It has instructions on how to grow in places like Wyoming, where growing any amount of weed is a $1000 fine and jail time.

    There aren’t many people in Wyoming, even though it is the 10th largest state in the country. Most of that land is used for mining, reservations, and national parks. A large amount of the people, (25%), live in the capital city of Cheyenne. The rest of the population lives in rural areas and small towns.

    This is an ideal environment for a technique called guerilla growing, which is discussed in the Marijuana Grow Bible. The vastly rural environment may also explain their marijuana laws. Whereas many states have made changes to their marijuana laws over the last decade, Wyoming has not.  There are no tax stamps, no medical CBD program and definitely no medical marijuana program. With so much marijuana legislation going on around them, this seems a bit surprising.

    Thankfully, the marijuana laws in Wyoming aren’t particularly strict. They give first-time offenders a second chance. There is hope for the small time hobbyist.

    Wyoming is known as the Buffalo state, but it is also known as the equality state. There are currently no buffalo in Wyoming, and they arrest people who use marijuana.  Where did the buffalo go? They probably headed south to Colorado.

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      6 comments on “Growing Marijuana In Wyoming”

      1. I also live in Wyoming and I disagree with everyone who wants to shut marijuana down not only would he provide revenue to our state but it would also provide revenue to the whole country United States could be out of debt not to mention helps with PTSD depression and anxiety

      2. I like how The article implies that we have outdated laws.. they are not out dated. They could not even get it put on the ballot because they lack 25000 signatures to get it on the ballot. Now we don’t care if you want to smoke your weed for pleasure, we just don’t want you to smoke it and drive in our state. Now if the cowboy state legalized it to grow it, I’d grow it. But I would never use the stuff.. I grow all my stuff using the hydroponic method.

        By writing articles saying we have outdated laws is not the way to change our mind is not a good way to change it. It actually inspires us to keep it Banned even more. I myself like living in a state that is trying to keep our youth safer.

      3. I once grew here in Wyoming. This was the time Colorado and Washington legalized the plant. Once they caught me about 8 months later they gave me 4 years in probation, 90 days in jail, rehabilation treatment, o and had to go to AA weekly. This was because I grew 16 plants in my house. I still don’t have all my rights back, or that record covered up yet. Mind you I did get out of probation early, but that was because I was in an accident and was required to be out of state for long periods of time.

      4. Yes we do have Buffalo! If you want to smoke or grow marijuana, I am sure most Wyoming citizens would not mind if you left the state.

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