Growing in Tasmania, Australia

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Tasmania is an island state in Australia that actually includes not only the large island but also more than three hundred smaller islands around it.

Just over half a million residents live there, 40% of whom live in the metro area of the capital of Hobart.

More than 40% of the island is made up of protected wilderness areas.

Tasmania, Australian marijuana laws

According to the new (within the last few years) marijuana laws in Australia, medical marijuana is now legal for some licensed individuals or companies to grow, manufacture, and distribute (or sell).

This changed in 2016 and has led to a few changes throughout the country. Even so, it is not a perfect system yet.

Zooming in on Tasmanians specifically, residents have been legally allowed to access medical marijuana since September 1st, 2017.

Patients need to see a doctor, explain why they think they need medical marijuana, and then the doctor needs to be approved by Tasmanian Health Department to prescribe it to your case.

Basically, doctors need to also show that would help you.

Australian marijuana laws
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Unlike a lot of (if not all) US states, there is not a set list of qualifying medical conditions to determine whether or not you are eligible for medical marijuana as a treatment.

Instead, patients go on a case-by-case basis.

One of the things that often helps someone get prescribed medical marijuana is whether they responded well to other treatments yet or not.

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If they have tried other treatments that were unsuccessful, for example, there is likely a better chance that you could get medical marijuana as an approved treatment.

Besides the medical marijuana scene, recreational marijuana is also an interesting topic in Australia.

On the one hand, the majority of Australians seem to be okay with the idea of decriminalizing recreational marijuana.

In fact, according to some estimates, one in three Australians (all adults) actually admit to having at least tried using marijuana.

It is therefore known to be widely used and commonly accepted. On the other hand, the government has not made the right moves to change it, so it still seems like it could be a little while before that happens.

Tasmania cannabis law information

Tasmania information
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As we mentioned, much of Australia is in support of legalizing or at least decriminalizing the use of marijuana. In Tasmania, that support is even stronger. According to a poll that the Greens party conducted and released, 59% of Tasmanians support recreational cannabis law reform. This is pretty significant, although not altogether surprising.

The state of Tasmania, which is also an island on the southeastern part of Australia (and is, therefore, the most southeastern part of the country) is known for its good marijuana-growing prospects. The island is also famous for growing opium.

Indeed, a whopping 40% of legal opium in the world (which is used in some prescription drugs such as various types of painkillers) is produced in the Australian state of Tasmania! Because of the potential for using poppy plants to create heroin rather than legal opioids, this has led to heavy agricultural regulation and tons of rules. It has been successful, however, meaning it could work for other heavily regulated crops (such as cannabis).

The climate in Tasmania is fairly cool and temperate, especially compared with the rest of Australia. It has four seasons per year that are distinctly different. If the seasons are respected, the grow season can be successful here (but maybe a bit more difficult than the parts of Australia with longer summers).

Specific growing laws for Tasmania, Aussie

Specific growing laws
Specific growing laws – Image powered by 

While Tasmania is seen as a great opportunity for legal medical marijuana growing, it hasn’t quite taken off as much as it could have by now. This is, of course, due to legal and bureaucratic issues. There are just a couple companies that have been given licenses for growing in Tasmania, which is rather small considering the great possibilities of this island state in establishing healthy and successful marijuana crops.

People or companies that did manage to acquire the legal growing license are going to have to adhere to a number of specific rules, not least of which is security. After all, no grower (legal or otherwise) wants someone sneaking in and harvesting their crop for free. Although the details are not being publicly released, growers need to have “robust” security for their grow operations. In fact, it is supposed to be even stricter than the security required for a poppy (opium) field! This is largely due to the fact that marijuana plants have a greater black market than poppies do.

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Growers most likely will have to grow their plants indoors under lights, and it might even be that workers shouldn’t have any pockets while working. So, although the specifics are not publicly disclosed (or at least weren’t at the time of writing), it’s safe to say that there are quite a lot of hoops to jump through.

Tasmania is already known for growing some potent plants, so why not marijuana? Just do your research first and stay safe.

Happy growing!

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