How To Get A Trimmer Or Budtender Job In Maine

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The marijuana train has reached the state of Maine, and both businesses and jobs are starting to pop up all over. This is leading to lots of people getting interested in working within the marijuana industry. If that applies to you, you are probably wondering what requirements there are for people who want to work for a marijuana business. This article has everything you need to know for getting hired in an entry-level position at a marijuana company.

Entry level marijuana jobs in Maine

There are two tracks you may be interested in within Maine’s cannabis industry: cultivating and retail. Retail involves working in a dispensary and dealing directly with the customer at the point of sale. The best entry-level position to get into the retail side of things is becoming a budtender.

Entry level marijuana jobs in Maine
Entry level marijuana jobs in Maine – Image powered by

Cultivating, on the other hand, deals with caring for the plants themselves. People who want to get into the cultivation realm of marijuana typically start at the bottom, by becoming a trimmer. Trimmers are a crucial part of the process, and they also often help with growing, caring, and harvesting the marijuana plants.

Legal requirements to become a trimmer or budtender in Maine

Anyone working in the marijuana industry in the state of Maine needs to be 21 years of age or older, as well as a Maine resident who has a valid ID to prove it. Furthermore, candidates for jobs must have at least a high school diploma or GED. Besides that, the qualifications are up to the company doing the hiring. There are no specific licensing or permit requirements for someone working in some of Maine’s cannabis jobs (whether it be a cultivator or budtender.)

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    Getting hired in Maine

    Getting hired in Maine
    Getting hired in Maine – Image powered by

    In general, marijuana jobs in Maine are a little bit difficult to come by — and that means that there could be some tough competition when you’re applying. While this doesn’t mean it won’t happen, it does mean you should put your best self forward — and in this case, perhaps some training online would do the trick. There are numerous options available, with varying degrees of relevance and reputability, so be sure to choose one that is legitimate.

    Additionally, people wanting to be hired by a marijuana business in the state of Maine are going to want to increase their knowledge about the laws and requirements within the legal context of this state. In other words, learn the laws and guidelines for marijuana businesses. While starting at an entry-level position means that you won’t be involved in the decision making processes for the operations of the business, it still is important to understand how certain aspects of your job are required to be done. Often this includes proper packaging and labeling practices, for example.

    Another type of experience that companies will likely be looking for, especially if it’s a trimmer position or other cultivation-related position, is some kind of gardening background. Unfortunately, you cannot use any illegal experience for this, so even if you have been a master marijuana grower for 20 years, you can only use official and legitimate work. If you have done any kind of gardening work or cultivation, this can (and should) be added to your resume to show that you would be a good candidate for the job.

    While having a strong knowledge and a bit of gardening experience is not necessarily an automatic ticket to your next marijuana job, it certainly could help to put you above the rest of the candidates. If nothing else, it is always a good thing to become more informed and knowledgeable in the industry you would like to work in so you won’t be wasting your time anyway.

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