How To Get A Trimmer Or Budtender Job In Massachusetts

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Marijuana businesses in Massachusetts are regulated very heavily, and the recreational marijuana industry has been rather slow to roll out. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing; in fact, it could be the perfect time for newbies in the marijuana industry to get into the game. Companies are going to be looking to build up their businesses as quickly as possible, and to do that they need to hire a workforce. If you want to get into working in the marijuana industry in Massachusetts, now is your time to shine.

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    Entry level marijuana jobs in Massachusetts

    Entry level marijuana jobs in Massachusetts
    Entry level marijuana jobs in Massachusetts – Image powered by

    There are tons of different kinds of jobs with the start of any new industry, and marijuana businesses are no exception. Construction workers need to put the buildings and growing structures together, cultivators need to plant and plan, scientists need to work in cannabis labs, and retail workers need a huge breadth of knowledge to help customers make informed, safe decisions.

    For those who want to get into the marijuana industry but don’t quite know how to begin, there are a couple of entry-level jobs that are worth knowing about: the position of trimmer and budtender. Both of these jobs are the perfect starting place for people who want to get into either cultivation or retail, so which one you choose really depends on your future plans and long-term interests.


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    Let’s say you are interested in pursuing a career in cultivation. If this is the case, your ideal position is most likely to become a lead grower one day. The way to get your foot in the door with the cultivation side of the Massachusetts marijuana business is to start out as a trimmer. Trimmers are responsible for (of course) trimming the marijuana buds, but also they are sometimes asked to help with the care (such as feeding and watering), harvesting, and general aspects of cultivating the plants.

    Trimmers who are knowledgeable and skillful might be asked to help with even more aspects, and this way you can get promoted to become an assistant grower. In this case, you will need to help the head grower with their plans, decisions, and operations, which means you will be expected to become an expert in the field of marijuana cultivation.


    Budtending – Image powered by

    People who are more interested in the retail side of the marijuana industry are instead going to want to get their foot in the door as a budtender at a dispensary. Budtenders are the experts behind the counters who directly help customers in finding the best strain of marijuana as well as a method of intake that suits their needs. This may be in the market of medical marijuana or in recreational marijuana, or both; in any case, you are going to need to have a wide depth and breadth of knowledge beyond simply knowing the difference between a hybrid, a sativa, and an indica.

    The retail route is best for people interested in interacting with and helping people, plus are interested in consistently learning about developments in their products (especially strains of marijuana). Budtenders could be promoted to assistant manager or supervisor positions, and one day maybe they could maybe even open dispensaries of their own.

    Legal requirements to work as a trimmer or budtender in Massachusetts

    Legal requirements to work as a trimmer or budtender in Massachusetts
    Legal requirements to work as a trimmer or budtender in Massachusetts – Image powered by

    There are no special requirements for a person wanting to work as a trimmer or budtender in the marijuana industry of Massachusetts. Most regulations apply specifically to the businesses themselves, especially when it comes to licensing and adhering to particular rules (such as the proper labeling and packaging of the marijuana products).

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      Still, to be hired by a marijuana company you must have no drug-related felonies, be able to pass a background check, and be 21 years of age or older. Companies hiring you will also probably prefer that you are familiar with these rules and regulations so as better to comply with them.

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