How To Become A Trimmer Or Budtender In Nevada

Marijuana jobs are a hot topic these days across the United States, and Nevada is no exception. If you’d like to start a career in the marijuana industry, take a look at the requirements for employees in Nevada.

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    Entry level marijuana jobs in Nevada

    The marijuana industry in Nevada is doing quite well (as it usually does when it is legalized). That means that plenty of new kinds of jobs have opened up, with lots of people eager to get their foot in the door to start their career in the marijuana industry.

    While it might seem like there would be tons of job openings to spare, in reality, this is not always the case – there are tons of people looking for the exact same entry-level marijuana positions that you are.

    Because of likely needing to stand out among your peers, it is recommended that you do some sort of training program before you even sit down at an interview. Luckily, there are lots of official training programs – especially online – and more and more will likely be popping up as this industry gains traction and becomes more mainstream. Many companies prefer training and certification to come from the Nevada Dispensary Association.

    Entry level marijuana jobs in Nevada
    Entry level marijuana jobs in Nevada – Image powered by

    In terms of training, a newly hired employee will likely be trained in person by their dispensary’s manager or other members of the team, meaning you will have plenty of knowledge to spare. This is especially the case for people who decide to work in the medical marijuana industry, as certain standards of care and knowledge will be a little different.

    In any case, becoming a budtender is a great way to work your way up to becoming a patient adviser, assistant manager, a general manager, and maybe even owning a business of your own someday.

    Of course, these things apply more for people interested in working at an actual dispensary, as a budtender or other similar position. For those more interested in the cultivation side of things, starting out as a trimmer might make more sense. While having the official training certainly doesn’t hurt (and would demonstrate your passion for the business, if nothing else), it isn’t necessary for trimmers in the same way as it is for budtenders.

    Also, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that any unofficial (read: illegal) experience, however relevant, cannot be put on your resume. While marijuana businesses in many states are willing to hire you if you have a past marijuana-related conviction, you cannot use it officially as experience.

    Getting your start as a trimmer is an excellent way to start your journey to becoming a “real” marijuana grower. You can start as a trimmer and then work your way up to becoming a junior grower or even a lead grower. If growing marijuana is your passion, trimming at a legitimate business is the way to get started.

    Legal requirements to become a trimmer or budtender in Nevada

    Of course, the recommended experience and guidelines are always a little bit different than the official legal ones. There are a number of legal requirements set in place in Nevada that you will have to adhere to if you want to have a job in the marijuana industry as a trimmer or budtender. Let’s look at the legal requirements for becoming a budtender or trimmer in Nevada.

    Anyone employed (or even working as a volunteer) at a marijuana business in Nevada needs to be in possession of an agent card. The state of Nevada issues these agent cards, and they are only able to be obtained after going through an application process. During this application process, applicants will need to undergo a background check, among other things.

    Even if employees haven’t received their agent card yet, they can print out a confirmation that they have applied for it with the Department of Taxation (previously it was the Division of Public and Behavioral Health or DPBH, but that has now changed). This confirmation can be shown to potential employers to be eligible to work for them.

    Legal requirements to become a trimmer or budtender in Nevada
    Legal requirements to become a trimmer or budtender in Nevada – Image powered by

    In order to be eligible for receiving the Nevada Marijuana Agent Card, applicants must be able to pass a background check (meaning there must not be one of the excluded felony convictions in a criminal record), and they must not have had a card that was previously taken away.

    The person receiving the agent card must only work within the type of business they have registered for. Trimmers would need one for the cultivation side, for example, while budtenders would need one for dispensaries. This does not apply if you are going to be working as a contractor – they can work at any type of business after getting their agent card.

    Further requirements include the fact that the businesses must provide some kind of training to the employee or volunteer. They should already know which topics are required to be taught (it includes ones general to the marijuana industry in Nevada as well as more specific ones relevant to their particular type of business).

    Workers must renew their agent registration cards every year (30 or more days in advance of when their current one expires). It will cost $75.00 for the initial application as well as every time you renew after that.

    All employees working with marijuana must be at least 21 years of age. If any driving is involved in their job (which sometimes is the case for trimmers), they will also need a driver’s license that is relevant in the state of Nevada before they start working.

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