Las Vegas: Mega-Destination for Weed Lovers

Las Vegas, Nevada is set to become the next mega town for medical and recreational Cannabis lovers and fans alike.  Since the legalization of MJ in the Sin City, its business and tourism industry becomes livelier and more colorful. The numerous Cannabis attractions and establishments along with licensed Cannabis dispensaries built all over the city to cater weed lovers and fans craving for a more fun-filled and exciting experience with marijuana.

So right now, the Strip is not just a home to mega casinos and nightclubs but also the next big destination for pot lovers and medical marijuana patients!

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    Where to Buy marijuana?

    Medical marijuana has been legalized in many places of the state for a couple of years. Changes in the laws, however, took place, making recreational Cannabis dispensaries available as of July 2017.

    Las Vegas Mega Destination where to buy

    The amendments have driven to a weed tourism boom in cities like Las Vegas because more Cannabis dispensaries are opened for business!  They’re catering to recreational marijuana users over 21 years of age, as well as those possessing an in- or out-of-state medical marijuana card and at least 18 years old. 

    People are allowed to use up to an ounce of personal use of marijuana in Las Vegas. Also, you can use up to 3.5 g of Cannabis, hash or concentrates.

    Where to Consume Marijuana?

    You can buy your Cannabis from a  Las Vegas cannabis dispensary, take it home and enjoy it in your private property.  

    Unfortunately, it can be a different case for tourists who want to enjoy their weed in Las Vegas. They might struggle to find a safe and suitable place to indulge and aren’t allowed to consume pot on or outside the Strip. These places include in theaters, hotels, and casinos. 

    Las Vegas Mega Destination where to consume

    Tourists might also find it hard to find accommodation or a hotel owner to let them use the product on their premises. Or else, they might have to face charges or pay a fine if they break the rules. And worst, they might even be in trouble with the authorities.

    Don’t you worry, whether you’re a resident or a tourist because Cannabis consumption lounges are all over Vegas. 

    The increasing Cannabis market leads to a huge demand not only for weed but also for Cannabis-friendly establishments.

    Due to the growing success of the industry in the recent years, the demand for Cannabis smoke lounges, in particular, have also been proposed and have been brought to the attention of the lawmakers calling for hookah style lounges. These must be operated and located close to a legal and licensed dispensary and with the legal quantities to be consumed by people 21 years old and above. But even with the rules and requirements, owners won’t have to file for and obtain a Cannabis lounge, though.

    One and Only Immersive Cannabis Museum in Sin City

    Apart from Cannabis lounges, the one and only Cannabis museum, Cannabition, is now open for business to those who want a Cannabis-themed experience but in a museum, an uncommon yet exciting place to enjoy Cannabis in Vegas.

    The visitors who must be 21+ years old will be taken through a stimulating journey celebrating the marijuana culture of the past, present and future of its legalization.

    Las Vegas Mega Destination cannabis museum

    Cannabition, which is the first of its kind in Downtown Vegas, will take visitors through over 20+ large installations for a once-in-a-lifetime education and entertainment.

    This place is designed to give visitors a worthwhile experience and photo-worthy opportunities through an interactive and multisensory journey.   Here, visitors can expect to immerse themselves in sight, touch, smell, and taste as they walk through the exhibits, including the Raw Cones kaleidoscope joint and PAX Life Tree.

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      Exchange Marriage Vows in Cannabis Chapel

      Las Vegas has the easiest laws and offers fun and cheap ways to exchange vows particularly among those who do not like the idea of huge and grand weddings.

      Couples, who don’t just love each other but also like a weed, choose Vegas for a unique way to tie the knot in the Cannabis Chapel. It is a novelty-wedding venue offering Cannabis-themed wedding ceremonies and vow renewals.

      It’s the first to offer the concept for couples looking to exchange vows with a different and exciting concept. The chapel is offering transportation packages to local dispensaries and legal services. A wedding package includes a minister ordained by the church and facility use and with a price that starts at $104.20.  It may also include reggae music, silk pot plant bouquet and special vows. You might want to check it out if you’re planning to tie the knot and looking to add a little twist to it with weed.

      There you have a couple of distinct reasons Las Vegas deserves to be the next mega destination for Cannabis lovers all over the world!   It’s not just your unique city for fun, gambling, nightlife, and entertainment but also can be your ultimate destination for all activities and things weed.

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      marijuana grow bible
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