How to open a Dispensary in North Dakota

North Dakota has only recently signed legislation regarding the use of medical cannabis in the state. Authorized marijuana businesses (compassion centers) will be monitored by the Department of Public Health. Currently, there are no operating businesses in the area, while there are plans for a vote on the legalization of recreational cannabis sometime during 2018.

As the legislation was passed only recently, there are no details available regarding the licensure of new medical cannabis businesses. However, there is some information about the fees associated with starting a marijuana dispensary in North Dakota.

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    Under the new rules, approved by the Governor of North Dakota in April 2017, the state is going to be open for medical marijuana businesses. The state will allow 2 cultivation facility licenses and eight dispensaries. All of the dispensaries will be regulated and controlled by the Department of Public Health. Potential marijuana dispensary owners will pay a non-refundable $5000 application fee. If approved by the regulation committee, the applicant will then pay a $90,000 fee to open that dispensary.

    When was cannabis made legal

    The state will grant compassion center licenses based on a merit-based application methodology, which may take into consideration the planned location. It will also examine the applicant’s character and experience in related fields, as well as the potential centers’ plans. These plans include record keeping, safety, security, staffing, and training, whether or not or not the applicant has enough capital; and their ability to make medication affordable for all patients.

    Applications are expected to be available in 2018 from the middle of August until the end of September or later.

    How many marijuana businesses are there in the state

    North Dakota is still in the process of licensing its compassion centers. As of April 2017, lawmakers within the state have projected a total of 4 cultivation centers and as many as eight dispensaries will be approved by the department.

    Once the laws are finalized, compassion centers will be able to serve medical patients entirely. Additionally, the 2018 ballot may request to open up a legal sales marketplace for adults within the state.

    Profits of the cannabis industry in North Dakota

    It is difficult to anticipate how well the program is going to be received by patients. Via supported analysis of other medical states, the state of North Dakota expects nearly 2,000 patients to register for the program by the end of 2019. Along with them, 950 caregivers and as many as 300 compassion center agents are expected to be registered at intervals the program. Further patients, caregivers, and compassion center agents will be required to pay $200 to the department of health initially and annually renew their registration ID. The state expects to collect around $630,000.

    2021 Projected Medical Sales are $25,700,000.

    Profits of the cannabis industry in North Dakota
    Profits of the cannabis industry in North Dakota – Image powered by

    License requirements

    North Dakota is still drafting its laws for potential business owners. In the meanwhile, read through the regulations to understand more about Compassionate Care Centers and/or start learning more about running nonprofit organizations. Keep in mind that local municipalities have the right to ban or place moratoriums on whether to license centers for operation or not.

    Financial requirements

    Application Fees include a non-refundable compassion center application fee of $5,000
    and a Compassion Center licensing fee of $25,000


    It is difficult to gauge how long it will take to start a marijuana business in North Dakota; however, it is a good idea to allow at least a year after applying for a license. You will need that time to complete the requirements for licensure, locate suppliers and staff employees.

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