Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Queensland

Unfortunately, due to restrictions, we are no longer able to ship to Australia. It truly pains us to not be able to help out our loyal Australian customers, and we hope this situation will change one day! Do feel free to sign up to our newsletter, download our Grow Bible, and join our community forum. That way you stay up to date for when the opportunity arises.

When researching cannabis online, you may have noticed there are seeds for hundreds of strains available. The beauty of cannabis cultivation is that new strains are being released daily as a product of cross-breeding. If you aren’t already familiar with a strain, you may need to buy a few and do a little experimentation since different strains provide different benefits and effects. Proper research is necessary for finding the perfect strain. 

For the best selection, purchase cannabis seeds and grow your own marijuana plants. When grown properly in the right conditions, you’ll have the chance to experience high yields of some of the most popular cannabis strains in the world. 

If you’re a Queensland resident, you have a couple of choices when it comes to buying cannabis seeds.

Let’s take a closer look.

Please note: ILGM is NOT a legal adviser. Information contained in this website is intended as general introductory information only. The information contained on this website is not legal advice. It should not be construed as legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.

Under the Public Health (Medicinal Cannabis) Bill 2016, medical professionals can prescribe cannabis for medical use by patients. Patients can consume any cannabis product made from or derived from any part of the plant. 

Although Australia still prohibits the use of recreational cannabis, medical cannabis consumers in Queensland can freely obtain cannabis products. Queensland’s first cannabis clinic is open for patients with a prescription from a professional healthcare provider. 

Download my free Grow Bible to learn how to grow your own cannabis plants in Queensland.

If you’re still wondering “is weed legal in Queensland”, take a look at your government’s official website. The laws are constantly changing in Australia and Queensland, making your local authorities the best source of new information.

Benefits of Cannabis Seeds

Medicinal cannabis is now legal in Queensland, and many are turning to this alternative treatment as a therapeutic solution to many common ailments. Even though scientific research is limited, the results show great promise. Anecdotal research has linked serious conditions such as epilepsy and other seizure disorders as being effectively reduced with cannabis. 

Specifically, strains that are potent in cannabidiol (CBD) show potential as an anticonvulsant, which helps reduce the excessive brain activity that causes seizures. 

Other benefits of consuming cannabis include a reduction of muscle and joint inflammation, an improvement in mood, a reduction of stress and in some cases the disappearance of pain. 

Can You Get Seeds Shipped to Australia?

The first option for purchasing cannabis seeds is to find either a local supplier or grower. While local growers seem like a good idea, it’s not the best since your selection is limited. You may also end up with poor quality seeds and no guarantee that they’ll even grow. When you purchase local seeds you have little chance of not knowing exactly what you’re buying – which could result in a loss of time and money. 

Find the Best Cannabis Seeds in Queensland

If you’re looking to find the best cannabis seeds Queensland Australia has to offer, purchasing them online is a better option.

There are confusing laws around cannabis in Australia, however, seeds of all kinds are subject to confiscation by the Australian government.

Whether you decide to grow a cannabis plant or a sunflower, you may have some trouble if the Department of Agriculture finds out.

That’s why you must purchase your cannabis seeds from a seed bank that ships discreetly.

I Love Growing Marijuana specializes in shipping seeds to Australia. We ship cannabis seeds worldwide and guarantee your seeds will show up at your door. Not only do we use fast shipping methods but our packaging is also designed to raise no concern at the border.

Top Cannabis Seeds in Queensland

ILGM has a comprehensive variety of seeds from all around the world. We carry seeds of both popular and unique strains that can be used therapeutically to help with a variety of concerns, such as improving your mood and reducing pain. We’re one of the most reliable seed banks in the world, created by expert cannabis growers and those that love marijuana. Backed by our extensive knowledge and experience, we’re able to provide the best cannabis seeds to Queensland growers. 

Climate: Subtropical

White Widow Feminized

White Widow is a classic strain known for bringing out your creative side. Expect a chilled out yet extremely vivid and powerful buzz that hits the spot without locking you to the couch. This daytime friendy strain is known for its feel-good factor and euphoric wave. 

White Widow Strain
White Widow Strain
  • $89 for 5 seeds / $119 for 10 seeds (get 10 extra for free)
  • 60% Indica / 40% Sativa hybrid
  • THC levels of up to 19%
  • Our feminized seeds provide guaranteed results
  • Flowers in as little as 9 weeks

Want to get quality harvest without worrying about pollination? Grow feminized seeds! Shop feminized seeds from our online seed bank.

Gorilla Glue Feminized

Known for its sticky buds and potent flavor, Gorilla Glue is ideal for every grower and consumer. Gorilla Glue provides users with a sedating chilled out high that’s great for evenings when you want to relax after a difficult day at work. 

Gorilla Glue Strain
Gorilla Glue Feminized Strain
  • $99 for 5 / $139 for 10 / $199 for 20 
  • 50% Indica / 50% Sativa hybrid strain
  • High levels of THC up to 26%
  • Aromas of coffee and moss, also tastes like chocolate and spice
  • Perfect for helping you to sleep or to bust stress

Girl Scout Cookies

As one of the most revered cannabis strains available, Girl Scout Cookies made a name for itself when it was created in California. Not only is this a strain to chill out to but it helps users feel an energetic buzz like no other. This strain was created by crossbreeding OG Kush and Durban Poison to create an enjoyable high that balances users. 

Girl Scout Cookies Strain
Girl Scout Cookies Strain
  • $109 for 5 / $149 for 10 / $199 for 20
  • High levels of THC up to 21%
  • Get huge yields whether growing indoors or outdoors
  • Guaranteed results with feminized seeds
  • Flowers in 10 weeks

Feeling inspired to grow your own marijuana? Buy high-quality weed seeds with strong genetics from our seed shop.

FAQ About Cannabis Seeds in Queensland

Where can I find marijuana seeds in Queensland?

Sourcing high-quality marijuana seeds in Queensland is difficult because cannabis possession is illegal. Instead, purchase your cannabis seeds online from a trusted seed bank. 

How long will shipping take to Queensland?

ILGM can deliver cannabis seeds internationally in as little as 10 days, however, sometimes packages arrive sooner. Learn about our shipping policies.

What if I need help growing my marijuana seeds in Queensland?

Our blog is a great resource on growing marijuana. Whether you need help sprouting your seeds, or getting the most from your harvest, we are here to help. Check out our grow guides.

Are your marijuana plants ready for harvest? Get answers to all your harvesting questions in my free mini-harvesting guide.

What are your favorite cannabis seeds in Queensland? Comment below your experience with marijuana where you live, or post your question. Don’t forget to visit our shop for seeds.

Learn all you need to know about growing marijuana. Read our marijuana grow guides.

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