How to start a commercial grow operation in New Hampshire

Although New Hampshire decriminalized marijuana laws and legalized medical cannabis, you can’t actually start a growing operation here. While the state is considering the benefits of hemp by growing hemp plants through research facilities, there aren’t any plans to allow commercial growing of marijuana. In fact, based on recent activities in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, it is more likely that adults will be able to grow their own marijuana in this state than be able to grow it for others.

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    When was cannabis made legal
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    Legalized cannabis is relatively recent in this state. On June 26th, 2013, the New Hampshire Congress passed House Bill 573 for medical marijuana. A month later, the governor signed it into law, and a year and a half later, the first facility was awarded a license.

    Cannabis laws may be changing, however. In 2018, the House of Representative passed a bill to approve home growing by patients and caregivers. While the bill hasn’t become a law, if it does, caregivers could be reimbursed for the expense of growing for others. Don’t expect to make much; there is a $500 limit on reimbursements per year.

    New Hampshire has also recently decided to seriously consider commercial hemp growing, with the passing of House Bill 251 in 2018. This bill approved the creation of a committee who would review the idea and create rules for commercial hemp production. If rules are established, hemp could be grown and sold for profit.

    How much money is in the New Hampshire market

    Marijuana can be a very lucrative industry, but probably not in New Hampshire. Commercial growing is not allowed in this state. Plus, if the proposed bill passes, growers are limited on the number of plants they can grow. They also cannot make more than $500 per year. At the moment, growing marijuana for any reason is prohibited in New Hampshire.

    Commercial hemp growing, however, could make money, depending on how it is regulated by the state. Hemp has many everyday applications such as fabric or food, making it a potentially profitable crop.

    Financial requirements

    Financial requirements
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    New Hampshire’s growing laws are still a work in progress, but if the home growing bill is passed, caregivers would be able to safely grow for others with fewer costs. Because growers could be paid up to $500 in reimbursements per year by patients, the cost of getting started can be subsidized. While this is helpful, it is important to remember that $500 may not be enough to cover costs depending on your setup.

    For a hemp operation, the financial requirements would be largely based on the regulations laid out by the state, once those are determined. You’ll also need to factor in the typical costs associated with growing plants – such as the price of land. If you are considering starting a hemp growing operation, it’s a good idea to hire a professional that can follow the current laws and update you on what’s needed to get started.

    Looking to start a marijuana growing operation in New Hampshire? The consulting companies listed below can help you stay updated on the current state licensing requirements.

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      1. I’d like to supply and eventually own a dispensary. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

      2. FYI, this information is incorrect. The “Hemp Growth Act” is a Rhode Island initiative and it is illegal to grow hemp in NH (as confirmed by me with calls to State Reps & the NH Agriculture Commissioner). Please update your information as to not get any reader into legal trouble, thanks.