How to Start a Marijuana Delivery Service in Florida

Florida legalized medical marijuana by a more than 70% majority. Like dispensaries, marijuana delivery services in this state must operate as nonprofits. The opportunity for growth in this state is large as Florida is currently expanding its medical cannabis program.

Despite this booming industry, starting a marijuana delivery service in Florida is complicated. Read more about marijuana businesses in Florida below.

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    After the second amendment went into effect, Florida became the 26th state to legalize a medical cannabis program that includes whole-plant remedies with THC. Amendment 2 of the State constitution was overwhelmingly approved by a 70%+ majority, allowing qualifying medical patients to possess, obtain and use strains of medical cannabis that are potent in psychoactive THC, which had previously been banned for all patients.

    How many marijuana businesses are there in the state

    A specific number of dispensaries and delivery businesses has not been assigned in the state of Florida. Instead, five were allowed right off the bat (with an additional two awarded due to some errors). Further licenses would be given out after a certain number of patients are registered.

    Once there are 250,000 patients registered, under the amendment Florida is allowed to grant 3 more licenses. At the moment six dispensaries are currently in operation within Florida.

    When was cannabis made legal
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    Profits of the cannabis industry in Florida

    Florida’s cannabis financial forecasts predict a soar in the revenue generated by the industry, with projected profits expected to reach $1,523,700,000 in medical sales by 2021.

    How to open a marijuana delivery service in Florida

    A marijuana business in the state of Florida is considered a “Medical Marijuana Treatment Center.” Any licensed medical marijuana treatment center has the right to possess, grow, sell, and transport marijuana and marijuana products. To have a legal delivery business in the state of Florida, you are required to have this a license for a medical marijuana treatment center.

    Licenses are granted by the Florida Department of Health. This agency oversees all procedures and registrations of medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTCs). Any applicant or licensee wanting to apply for a license, renew an existing license, or who has had their license suspended or revoked will go through this agency. The Department of Health has the power to take away a license if operational standards are not being met.

    License requirements

    License requirements
    License requirements – Image powered by

    Another legislative amendment was passed in January of 2017, and it allows for ten more MMTCs to open. An additional license will be available to applicants after 100,000 more patients are registered.

    Unfortunately for new applicants, this does not mean that ten more licenses are available for anyone. Five of them are reserved for applicants who applied during an earlier wave in 2015, one license is reserved for Black Farmers Group, and one or two are going to be given to facilities that have already been working in the citrus fruits industry. Therefore, just two or three licenses will actually be left for new applicants.

    Additionally, attention will be paid to the locations of the new MMTCs. Equal distribution is the goal, meaning Northwest Florida, Northeast Florida, Central Florida, Southeast Florida, and Southwest Florida will each be getting one MMTC at the least.

    Financial requirements

    It is important to note that an application fee of $60,000 is required at the time of application for a medical marijuana treatment center (business license). This is non-refundable. The Department of Health will determine which applicants will be awarded a license.

    How much does a Florida marijuana delivery service make?

    It is common for marijuana businesses to make anywhere from $50,000 a year up to millions of dollars depending on their location and demand. However, Florida dispensaries are nonprofits so these numbers may differ slightly.


    Timeframe – Image powered by

    Setting up any business can take time, and marijuana businesses are no exception. Due to the limited number of licenses in Florida, it may take a little longer than in other areas. Allow more than a year to secure funding and acquire necessary licenses.

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      Looking to start a marijuana delivery service in Florida? The consulting companies listed below provide a wide range of services from helping with state licensing requirements and applications to running and stocking your business.

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