How to Start a Marijuana Delivery Service in North Dakota

North Dakota’s medical marijuana legislation is quite recent, meaning the market is new in this state. There are no medical marijuana businesses (known as “compassion centers”) currently, but they are soon to come. Recreational marijuana may also be headed to North Dakota, as voters may decide on its fate in 2018.

So far, not much is known about the exact legal process for licensing a new medical marijuana business in North Dakota. Nonetheless, some pieces of information will prove useful to a hopeful medical marijuana entrepreneur in this state.

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    North Dakota’s medical marijuana law was approved by the governor in April of 2017. According to the regulations, two cultivation facilities will be awarded licenses, as will a maximum of eight dispensaries. The Department of Public health handles all regulations and requirements for these businesses.

    Once North Dakota Department of Health’s proposal is approved, applications will be accepted open for a specified period of time.

    When was cannabis made legal
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    How many marijuana businesses are in North Dakota

    North Dakota is still in the process of creating regulations to license compassion centers. As of April 2017, lawmakers in the state have proposed a total of four cultivation centers, and as many as eight dispensaries can be authorized by the department.

    Once the foundational laws are finalized, compassion centers will be able to serve medical patients. However, the 2018 ballot might request open up a legal sales marketplace for adults in the state as well.

    Profits of the North Dakota cannabis industry

    It is tricky to anticipate how well the program is adopted by patients. North Dakota expects nearly 2,000 patients to register within the program by the business finish of 2019. Along with them, 950 caregivers and as several as three hundred compassion center agents are expected to be registered within the program. Patients, caregivers, and compassion center agents must pay $200 to the department of health to be registered, as well as to annually renew their registration ID. Around $630,000 is expected to be collected from these fees.

    Profits of the North Dakota cannabis industry
    Profits of the North Dakota cannabis industry – Image powered by

    The 2021 Expected Medical Sales is $25,700,000.

    Delivery license requirements

    Dispensaries (compassion centers) in the state of North Dakota are allowed to deliver their products to patients and caregivers, as well as to other dispensaries that are registered and licensed. There are no specific rules around delivery businesses other than they may dispense and deliver marijuana within the rules of the law, and they must be nonprofit organizations. Specific municipalities can decide not to allow medical marijuana businesses in their territory, so be sure to know the local laws and latest news before applying.

    Financial requirements

    There will be an application fee of $5,000, which cannot be refunded if the applicant is unsuccessful. Upon receiving approval, the applicant must submit a $90,000 license fee if they are starting a dispensary, or $110,000 if they are opening a cultivation facility.

    The application process will be based on merit. The location of the potential medical marijuana business could make a big difference, as could his or her related experience and quality of character. The plans for the facilities will be assessed as well; a better plan is more likely to be granted the license than a mediocre or less thorough plan.

    Financial requirements
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    The aspects that should be included in the plan are safety and security, record-keeping, cultivation without pesticides, diversion prevention, and staffing and training. The applicant will also need to demonstrate that he or she has enough capital for a comfortable start to their business, as well as the ability to provide suitable medication to patients.


    It may take some time to get your North Dakota marijuana business up and running, but this is the case with most businesses. It is a good idea to allow at least a year to get finances in order, acquire necessary licenses and line up suppliers and employees.

    Looking to start a marijuana delivery service in North Dakota? The consulting firms listed below provide a wide range of services from helping with state licensing requirements and applications to running and stocking your business.

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