Jack Herer Outdoor – Marijuana Strain Review

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The Jack Herer marijuana strain is obviously named after the famed political activist who wrote The Emperor Wears No Clothes. His legacy lives on in this strain and any Jack Herer marijuana seeds will certainly provide you with a nice buzz in his memory. It is one of the most prolific strains with a wide variety of quality genes behind it. Many people across the globe have enjoyed growing and smoking Jack Herer.

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    Jack Herer smoking effects

    Jack Herer Outdoor grown smoking effects

    The sativa-dominant hybrid of Jack Herer is good for providing you with an almost instant cerebral high. If you want to get high really fast, then this is the strain to do it. But, perhaps the best thing about Jack Herer is that it will provide you with an extensive body buzz that lasts long after the initial high leaves you. Of course, that doesn’t mean the cerebral high doesn’t pack any punch. In fact, it can be particularly potent in some users, even spurring on some visual enhancements and a unique lightheadedness. This is certainly an interesting variety to smoke and it’s a big reason why it has consistently won several awards throughout its lifetime.

    Jack Herer plant features

    Jack Herer outdoor grown plant features

    With about an 18% THC level, the Jack Herer variety tends to produce plants with a great deal of crystals all across the fan leaves, spear leaves, stalks, and stems. When the plant matures, you’ll start to notice little hairs that turn brick red on the buds for some interesting coloration. Not all Jack Herer marijuana seeds produce plants that look wildly similar. In fact, in some plants, you might see more indica characteristics than others. This makes it ideal for those who want to designate a mother plant so that they can continually produce ideal plants.

    The plants do grow rather high (between 60 and 100 inches), so it might behoove you to practice pruning every once in a while, unless you’re growing in a closed off area. You can expect yields of 18 ounces per plant. It takes about 10 or 11 weeks to flower and is generally harvested in October. You can also find feminized Jack Herer marijuana seeds.

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      Jack Herer medicinal use

      Jack Herer outdoor grown medical

      Because of its unique effects, Jack Herer is actually recognized by Dutch pharmacies as a high-quality medicine. It is frequently prescribed for ailments like anxiety or depression because of the quick cerebral high it provides and the subsequent body buzz. Go to our webshop to buy outdoor Jack Herer marijuana seeds or one of our other strains.


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        1. D. C. Hammett,

          We do not guess on how long until “finish”. Your plant is already mature. Plants do not flower until after maturity has been reached.

          It is best to just wait until you see the % of amber trichomes that you are looking for. I like 33% of trichomes to be amber before harvest. If you have any other issues, I invite you to join our support forum. We have many knowledgeable members who love estimating finish times and are very friendly. 🙂

        2. I have a couple of 8ft. JH females growing outdoors in their 8th week of flowering. Tri’s are milky. Your thoughts on generally how long to maturity? thanks

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