White Widow Outdoor – Marijuana Strain Review

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As one of the most famous marijuana strains in the world, White Widow certainly maintains a certain legacy. It is a rather potent variety that draws on its unique indica characteristics to produce high-quality plants and high-quality smokes. There’s definitely a reason that you can find White Widow featured prominently in Dutch coffee shops in Amsterdam. It’s also won various awards for its unique characteristics. White Widow marijuana seeds are certainly a grower’s delight.

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    White Widow smoking effects

    White Widow outdoor grow smoking effects

    Although it is an indica-dominant strain, White Widow still maintains a great deal of sativa-like characteristics in terms of the smoke. If you’re looking for the couch-lock effect, you won’t find it with White Widow. Instead, you’ll get a rushing, powerful energetic buzz that comes on rather quick. It’s also one of the longest-lasting buzzes that eventually gives way to a more indica-friendly, physical mellow. The taste of the strain is very fruity, almost to a tangy degree. You can even detect a few spicy undertones if you happen to be a connoisseur of sorts.

    White Widow plant features

    White Widow  outdoor grow plant features

    With a name like White Widow, you’re naturally going to expect a solid dusting of THC on the plant. Indeed, the “white” in the strain’s name is a giveaway that you’re going to get plants with a lot of psychoactive power. It has nice, long green leaves that are, of course, covered in THC. This is largely why White Widow marijuana seeds are considered to be very valuable by growers. If you want caked-on THC, then White Widow is where it’s at.

    The plants don’t get to very great heights, only growing to about 20 to 40 inches tall. This is ideal if you need to keep them concealed from prying eyes. It takes around 7 to 9 weeks for the plants to end their flowering period and harvest time generally occurs in October. You can expect nice yields of around 21 ounces per plant. It’s also possible to get feminized seeds to increase your odds of having usable bud.

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      White Widow medicinal use

      White Widow outdoor grow medicinal use

      Because of the high concentration of THC, White Widow has been used for a wealth of different medical ailments. Its popularity has also allowed it to be studied by medical researchers to discover any benefits it might have. It is been proven effective for sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder, hepatitis C, and cachexia. Additionally, the uplifting characteristics of the high are ideal for sufferers of anxiety and depression. Read more about outdoor White Widow marijuana seeds or one of our other strains.

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      Robert Bergman

      Robert Bergman

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        1. That honestly all depends on how long the grower let the plant flower for any strain can have a sizable amount of cbd if left for the trichombs to mature further

        2. I am interested in medicinal herb for arthritis pain and/or cancer treatment–high CBD/low THC strains or 50:50. What can you tell me about them? Names and seed availability, please. Oregon is now a legal state!!