Light Up Your Life with Northern Lights Marijuana

Northern lights marijuana is quite possibly the most famous strain of cannabis.  This strain of cannabis is pure indica and grown first in Holland.  Since its production, this type of weed has been crossed with other strains to create numerous high quality hybrids.  Northern Lights cannabis has won the most cannabis awards from across the world.  The reason is a very good one, northern lights is known to give the absolute best buzz.

The History of Northern Lights Cannabis

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    There are many reproductions of Northern lights marijuana but only three strains remain pure having come from the first strain of Northern Lights.  The first strain of Northern Lights is stretchy and long with excellent bud formation and a refreshing scent.  The fifth strain of Northern Lights seems to be the particular kind of marijuana that is used today since it reduces the flowering period and adds potency.  Therefore it is not prevailing in smell and taste but rather provides a more soothing effect and can cross over to be mixed with other strains so they contain the same qualities.

    Growing Northern Lights Cannabis

    Another reason why this strain of marijuana is so popular is because it is one of the easiest strains for beginners to plant.  It is important to consider when you grow this strain you will be growing for quality not weight.  Overall the plant is very easy to work with and to cross-breed, offering results that pass onto hybrids uniformly.  The vigor of Northern Lights marijuana carries over into the entire growth process considering the plants resistance to spider mites.  The effects of Northern Lights cannabis are so relaxation indicative you may find it hard to budge from your couch any time soon.

    Northern Lights Cannabis is also very good for growing indoors.  The growth time is nine weeks long.  If you want the finest results you should grow this type of weed in a hydro culture garden.  The yield you will acquire is directly associated with the space and light you give your plants, this is important to keep in mind.  Northern Lights cannabis is a rather petite plant when it comes to its size; it will grow to four or five feet tall.  When you smoke Northern Lights marijuana for the first time you will experience a flavor rich in a mixture of spicy sweetness.  The effects are so potent you will relax immediately into a carefree lazy manner.  This strain of cannabis is best known to help relieve stress related to medical issues as well as everyday stresses.

    The Royal Cannabis Class

    This most popular strain of cannabis has received high acclaim and awards.  It took the inclusive High Times Cannabis Cup in 1990.  Northern Lights also won the Cup’s award concerning the Indica category of purity in 1988 and 1989.  The medicinal properties are just as excellent as the recreational properties.  A few of the medicinal uses are listed below.

    • Stress
    • Nausea
    • Anxiety
    • Migraines
    • Depression
    • Pain Relief

    Northern Lights cannabis has helped people all over the world control pain and anxiety to the point where they could relax and heal despite the pain.  The smell and taste may not be the absolute best, but the buzz you get from this strain of marijuana makes it worth using over and over again.  See the complete Northern lights grow journal here.

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