April 1, 2019

June 14, 2018, Florida 

Synthetic marijuana is pretty dangerous for human health and we come to know that every other day when people get hospitalized following its consumption. In the latest, six prisoners in Florida’s Franklin County were hospitalized due to synthetic marijuana administration. 

Five are back in the prison after the treatment. However, the sixth inmate is still in the ICU. A synthetic cannabis variant, also known as K2, was smuggled into the prison when correction officers failed to detect it on an old woman even after strip-searching her. It is important to note that the woman was not arrested for any drug-related crime. 

The woman along with his partner (who was already in the Jail) dealt out the drug among at least six prisoners. Soon after the consumption of the drug, those six inmates started to suffer from seizures, hallucinations, and vomiting. They were rushed to the hospital immediately.  

Synthetic Cannabis Hospitalizes Six Prisoners
Synthetic Cannabis Hospitalizes Six Prisoners – Image powered by Cannabiznetwork.com

Five inmates were treated in the ER and returned to their cells thereafter.  However, the sixth affected prisoner got a really harsh effect from the drug that doctors had to move her to an intensive care unit in the neighboring city of Tallahassee. 

Aside from, prisoners and their acquaintances, sometimes corrections officers and other prisoner officials are also part of these contraband operations. Two months ago, a Louisiana correction officer was arrested for smuggling drugs inside the prison. 

Synthetic marijuana, as the name suggests, is completely unorganic. This means it doesn’t grow like the natural strain. On chemical levels, it can be said that it’s an analog of marijuana that contains a molecular structure similar to THC. As we know, THC is the molecule that laced cannabis with its psychoactive and euphoric attributes. However, the synthetic THC elements have a really high molecular affinity as compared to natural cannabinoids, which makes them extremely potent.  

For instance, K2 is suggested to be more than one hundred times stronger than natural marijuana products. Due to their strong binding abilities with neuronal receptors, the use of synthetic cannabis comes with severe side effects which include vomiting, headaches, hypertension, irregular heart rate and intense psychotic and hallucinogenic episodes. In some cases of synthetic cannabis overdoses, people can suffer from severe chest pain, loss of vision, and irrepressible bleeding. These severe side effects often prove to be fatal.  

Synthetic Cannabis
Synthetic Cannabis – Image powered by Gizmodo.com

Prisoners are especially susceptible to the damage of synthetic cannabis because it is not detected in urine test like any other drug. Therefore, prisoners prefer to consume this synthetic drug instead of its natural variants.  

However, in general population, use of synthetic cannabis prevails because of the unavailability of real organic substance. Every year the use of synthetic cannabis leads to the loss of thousands of lives. With the legalization of natural and harmless cannabis, authorities can curb the menace of synthetic derivates.  

Even in the jurisdictions where adult-use cannabis is legal, the prices of legal products remain high due to inefficient business practices. This also pushes many people to the cheap alternative of synthetic marijuana.

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