January 14, 2019

January 25, 2018, Texas

Three year ago, Greg Abbot, governor of Texas, ratified a bill into legislation allowing patients to legally purchase non-THC variants of cannabis oil. This bill became a law particularly to facilitate epilepsy patients. For that matter in May 2017, some marijuana cultivators were given a permission to grow the needed amount of plant to produce this medicinal cannabis oil.

But since then, qualified patients are waiting for legal access. Now with the first harvest coming to the, market It seems as if the wait is over for the consumers of CBD oil.

On Monday, the state’s first MMJ Company, Compassionate Cultivation, has harvested his first crop of legalized cannabis. Now sooner than later, MMJ dispensaries will be available with CBD oil products and can sell it to the patients allowed to include MMJ in their treatment regimen.

Texas Have its First Legalized MMJ Harvest
Texas Have its First Legalized MMJ Harvest – Image powered by Houstonpress.com

It takes four months for cannabis plant to become a fully grown strain from a seed. To get CBD oil, it will undergo extraction phase and soon it will be ready for distribution. CEO of the company termed the day historic for the state and for the residents, who are waiting for while now, to get their hands on a legalized MMJ product.

When the support for cannabis legalization is soaring all across the country, Texas is still lagging behind with its marijuana reforms. It has been predicted that Texas might be the last state to get a comprehensive MMJ program.

Abbot himself is a strong opponent of legalization. He surprised experts when he signed this one-off bill to make CBD oil accessible to epilepsy patients. In past, he had repeatedly said that he would reject every cannabis bill. Now he admits that medical marijuana has therapeutic benefits for patients of intractable epilepsy. He has changed his views regarding MMJ after successful lab tests of non-THC cannabis oil.

As per the Epilepsy Foundation, nearly 150,000 state residents are eligible for the MMJ program. However, the restrictive nature of the program leaves many patients without right to use of the medicine.

Greg Abbot, governor of Texas
Greg Abbot, governor of Texas – Image powered by Naturalnews.com

Even the ones qualified for the program will find it difficult to have CBD oil because of the language of the bill. For instance, physicians can only recommend the use of Cannabis oil when two prescription drugs get failed to treat epilepsy. Moreover, the law compels physicians to prescribe rather than to recommend the use of Cannabis oil.

It’s a general practice in all other states that doctors recommend MMJ products in order to avoid the annulment of their federal license. So, we have to see how these factors will come into play once the product lands in the market.

Regardless of all these issues, people associated with the business are excited about the prospects of CBD oil retail sales. According to Compassionate Cultivation, patients are very much interested to know about the utility of the oil and how it can improve their condition. They also have a plan to introduce delivery service for those elderly patients who can’t visit the dispensaries.

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