January 14, 2019

THCV is a chemical compound that is extracted from Cannabis. It has long been praised for its effectiveness in reducing panic attacks, stimulate bone growth and help the Alzheimer’s patients. Now for the first time, it has been proved by the scientists that THCV is also effective in treating Type-2 diabetes in patients. There are various other chemical compounds in Cannabis, but not all of them are beneficial to the health of humans. Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the only two chemical compounds that have turn out to be useful in treating many diseases.

This clinical study was conducted in the United Kingdom by a team of medical researchers. This medical study was supported by GW Pharmaceuticals. For this study, 62 adults were selected and were divided into four groups. Each group was given THCV and CBD in different quantities. Initially, the medical scientists believed that the THCV will result in the reduction of weight in most of the participants of the study.

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After continuing the dosage for about 13 weeks the following effects were observed in the participants of the study.

  1. The THCV compound in the patients led to an increase in protein Apo A concentration.
  2. The THCV reduced the level of plasma glucose concentration which is helpful in treating the patients suffering from Type-2 diabetes
  3. No change in the waist circumference and body weight was observed in any of the participants

More than two-third participants of the study reported the mild level of side effects due to the intake of THCV, like diarrhoea etc. No severe side effects were reported during this experiment. Some patients also had some cardiac-related problem but it was found out that none of the chemical compounds given to the patients resulted in that cardiac problem.

What is THCV and What are the Benefits of this Cannabinoid
What is THCV and What are the Benefits of this Cannabinoid?

Though the experiment clearly showed that the THCV do not have any effect on reducing the weight of the body but the experiment does prove that THCV can be helpful in treating

Type-2 diabetes by controlling the blood glucose of patients. Some scientists believe that a very small dosage of THCV was given to the participants during the experiment.

THCV can reduce the weight of an individual if its quantity of consumption is increased. Well, now the scientists are considering creating larger clinical trials so that it could be experimented whether THCV can really reduce body weight or not.

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    Excellent article, interested to know the type of strains with the highest level of THCV that is available?

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