January 17, 2019

On its appearance, it is easy to dismiss it as a marker pen. However, what most people are missing is that it is a portable glass vaporizer designed for stealth. Even better, it is not very expensive.

In the house, the sky is the limit when it comes to choices of smoking accessories. From affordable to incredibly expensive pipes and bongs, there are simply too many to choose from, and not to mention, they also come with different styles. But these are better left in the house as they are inconvenient to carry around, let alone use.

Hence, there is a need for highly portable accessories such as vape pens. And this is where the Vapbong Vaporizer comes in. It is meant to be carried around for a few quick hits. It comes with two pieces of glass and a mouthpiece. It does not use electricity or battery as the only thing needed is a lighter and, of course, some herbs.

Even if it is seen by other people, about the only question that comes to mind is why anyone would carry a marker pen (for that is what it looks like). Of being a vaping pen, it is unlikely anyone would even think of that.

Small, compact, and stealthy. That is the single most important feature of the Vapbong Vaporizer. At least, in how it looks. We still need to know how exactly it can be used and if it will provide a great vaping experience.

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The Vapbong Vaporizer

The Vapbong VaporizerIn growing cannabis inside the house, there are grow boxes designed for stealth. Even companies and brands have taken notice of the need for privacy. As such, some ship their products without markings. It should not come as a surprise that there is a smoking accessory with a novel approach to privacy.

The great thing about this device is that it does not need to be put in a box. Instead, it is placed in a container that is designed to look like a marker. And it is quite effective at concealing the vaporizer from prying eyes. In fact, one could easily put it in a jacket pocket, and no one will even have any suspicion at all.

For new users of the Vapbong Vaporizer, it will take a little bit of time and a few practices to get used to using it. In general, after placing some herb inside the bowl, use a jet flame lighter to heat up the sides (and not on the end) while slowly rotating the pen. In this way, heat is distributed evenly.

The first hit is not always that great, but subsequent ones are much better. That is because by then, the bowl is already heated. As a result, it will produce more vapor. The chamber itself is quite small, so it is best used by one person. Used by two or more people, there is a need to reload, but that is not as easy as it seems because of the heat.

It takes several minutes (up to six) for the glass to cool down. So, that is something to keep in mind. Fortunately, it should be safe to place it back in the marker case after two minutes.

The vaporizer pen, being made of glass, is easy to clean with water and alcohol. On the other hand, dropping it on a hard surface, especially the floor, can cause it to shatter.

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Buying Online

The Vapbong VaporizerOver at Grasscity, they have this product listed at $39.99. The good news is that the online vendor is offering free shipping. But the bad news is that it is only for orders reaching at least $50.

In case this site is alien, it just happens to be one of the largest online retailers of smoking accessories. Over the years, they have grown largely due to their excellent customer care. Besides offering competitively priced products, they also have a price match guarantee.

Looking at the feedbacks of people who have bought and used the Vapbong Vaporizer, it appears that everyone is happy or at least, satisfied.

About the only possible problem is damage incurred due to shipping. Hence, it is very important to open the package once it arrives to ensure that there are no defects or any signs of damage. If there are problems, contact the vendor immediately.

Affordable Stealth Vaporizer Pen

The Vapbong VaporizerThere are times when people (especially users of cannabis) would like to bring some elsewhere. That is not to say that having a stealthy vaping pen means breaking the law. As mentioned, its biggest benefit is that it is highly portable. Secondly, that it can be disguised as a marker is one way to avoid awkward moments such as being with people who may have a differing opinion on the use of cannabis.

Granted that many people today use marijuana for medicinal purposes, there are still many others who have a bias against it even if it is legal.

It may take a little bit of getting used to, but with enough practice, it has proven to be convenient to use. More importantly, it can create the vapor to provide a satisfying hit.

At only $39.99, the price itself is reasonable. It certainly makes for a nice addition to the accessories one can use to reap the benefits of using cannabis.

When it comes to portability, many people are contented with rolling joints. One thing to note is that inhaling vapor is cleaner and therefore safer than smoking. With that being said, the Vapbong Vaporizer should come highly recommended. Buy The Vapbong Vaporizer Here!

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