Robert Bergman

October 25, 2019

Cannabis Sativa
The Cannabis Sativa is a large slender plant with long, thin leaves. This strain is not very bushy and grows up to 1,5 to 5,5 meters or 5 to 18 feet. The plant is barely influenced by light cycles and takes a long time to flower. It grows in areas near the equator, where there is always 12 hours of light, whatever the season. The Cannabis Sativa grows in, amongst others, Mexico, Thailand, India and Colombia. The female flowers of the plants are usually consumed in the dried form. Cannabis Sativa has a more ‘high’ than a ‘stoned’ effect, compared to other strains. This means a more active, energizing and stimulating effect than a relaxing or intoxicating one. This is due to high concentrations of THC and in to a smaller extent CBN. The plant’s properties:

  • Large slender plant
  • Long thin leaves
  • Long flowering period
  • Continues to grow in the flowering stage
  • Contains a lot of THC
  • Gives a ‘high’ effect
  • Suitable for medical marijuana
  • Requires a lot of light

Cannabis Indica
This cannabis plant is much fuller and will grow up to 1,2 to 2,5 meters or 4 to 8 feet. The leaves are more rounded and it’s flowering time is much shorter than the Sativa. The Cannbis Indica grows above and below the equator in areas where sunlight hours are long in the summer and short in the winter. This cannabis strain can be found amongst others in Marocco, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon and Nepal. The plant develops large, heavy and dense resinous flowers, from which resin is extracted to produce hashish. The Cannabis Indica effect is more of a ‘stoned’ kind, making it relaxing. This is due to the high amount of CBD in comparison with the Sativa. The plan’t properties are:

  • Compact wide plant
  • Hard and heavy buds
  • Shorter flowering time
  • Higher yield
  • Stays smaller in height
  • Gives a ‘stoned’ effect
  • A lot of CBD
  • Large dark green leaves

Cannabis Ruderalis
A very small cannabis plant with high leaf density. Because this plant naturally grows in countries where summers are short, it has a very short and quick flowering time. Some even in 5 weeks. The plant grows amongst others, in Northern Europe, Russia, China and Mongolia. The cannabis plant has a low concentration of THC and CBD and is therefore used only for it’s genetic material. For example, Cannabis Ruderalis is crossed to produce autoflower marijuana plants with high THC levels. The plant’s properties:

  • Small plant
  • Full leaves
  • Quick flowering time
  • Low THC levels
  • Small buds
  • Used only for cross breeding

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