January 17, 2019

Trimbag Collapsible Hand-held Dry Trimmer + 2 Pairs of Trimming Scissors:

Alongside all the state-of-the-art innovations in the industry, the cannabis market has seen a rise in the choices of trimmers. From manual hand-held electric or battery-operated automatic trimmers, the sheer number of brands and models are, at times, confusing.

A hand-held model does the job just as well as any automated one as far as hobbyist are concerned. Even in small to medium operations, it will still do its job.

However, there is one factor that makes hand-held trimmers a better option. It allows full control over the speed. Quite simply, automated ones do not allow the degree by which one could manipulate how fast it should spin at any given moment. Furthermore, this control also means that it is gentler on the buds.
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Trimbag: The Dry Trimming Solution

Trimbag Collapsible Hand-held Dry Trimmer + 2 Pairs of Trimming ScissorsTrimbag is the first collapsible hand-held dry trimmer with no replaceable parts on the market. It is offered in Growers House for $399.00 and comes in black. Two pairs of scissors are given for free – a curved one and a straight pair.

This trimmer is a multi-functional tool used to sift, trim, and sort marijuana. It is a hand-held dry trimming device that gives customized control of the finished product.

Trimbag is the only high capacity portable trimmer on the market featuring human touch that cuts trimming time in more than half. It brings a creative new approach while maintaining the best machine trimming standards and durability.

With user control and a variety of time-saving techniques, Trimbag brings a truly unique, hands-on trimming experience. Whether growing indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse crops, using it on each harvest can give an efficient, quality trimming at an affordable price.

Friction Trimming

Friction is the key function of the Trimbag system. The environment humidity should be low and the product must be dry for the trimmer to work efficiently.

Ideally, the dried flower should retain some moisture and the outer leaves will separate easily when gently rubbed. Over-dried product will require fewer motions, therefore, adjust accordingly.

Friction comes from multiple sources in the Trimbag during the motions, hence, overworking can easily occur.

The product is mostly getting friction from rolling, tumbling, and rotating against the main chamber and itself during the lifting motion.

During the spinning motion, the body of the Trimbag is quickly reversed, the product is sent in one direction while the housing is moving in the opposite direction. This creates a cross-frictional trim that quickly removes leaves.

Every strain is unique. Check the product periodically during these motions.

Test a batch to determine the appropriate number of motions for the product. The shaking and bouncing from the sifting motion of creates friction against the screen and sides. The dual chamber design allows leaves to be poured neatly out of the bottom chamber and initial product to be poured from the top chamber using the unzipped end-cap.

Each one of the motion series is specifically designed for efficiency, speed, and cleanliness.

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User Guide:

  • Take the Trimbag out of its carry bag. Unclip and let it expand.
    Unzip and fill the upper main chamber with pre-cut, dried product up to one-third capacity (approximately 2 pounds).
  • Close zippers and secure the flexible end caps to the side of the housing using the built-in magnets.
  • Pick up the Trimbag and insert your hands in the End Cap Handles, holding it horizontally between your arms while standing.
  • In a vigorous motion keeping elbows bent and wrist straight, lift the Trimbag from waist level to head level. Flick your wrists slightly towards your head at the top. Ideally, you will hear the product roll around the circumference of the main chamber. Repeat this motion until desired results are achieved (approximately 5 to 40 rotations). Periodically check the product, being careful not to overwork it.
  • Alternatively, you can grip the tension straps on both ends and twist your wrists backward and forward to produce a spinning motion. Repeat this motion until desired results are achieved (approximately 5 to 40 rotations). Periodically check the product, being careful not to overwork it. Note: Either motion works depending on preference. They can be used together or separately.
  • Place the Trimbag in an upright position after performing the trimming motions. Insert your hands in the two end cap rim handles on the top side of the bag (the Trimbag Logo will be facing upright).
  • Pick up the bag while holding these pockets with your hands. Shake the bag from side to side and up and down keeping the top flat. These motions will sift out the shake and separate it from your finished product.
  • Unzip bottom end cap and pour out sifted product. Zip the bottom.
  • Unzip main chamber and pour out finished product.

The product may require additional touch up, such as removing excess stems and any remaining leaves. If the product does not come out mostly trimmed, it may be too moist. Try spreading out the product in a dry controlled environment (dehumidifier or heat may be necessary). A fan may be utilized to crisp leaves until it breaks easily.

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Physical Requirements:

  • User must be able to lift up to 5lb to head level with enough force to properly operate this device.
  • User must be able to firmly grip straps and handles.
  • The device works best when used while standing.

Please consult a physician prior to use if there are concerns about the abilities to use the device. Trimbag can take some time to get the finesse and practicing the motions using something soft, such as the carry bag or packing peanuts is recommended.

Additionally, users can do some rotations, listening/feeling for a full rotation around the circumference of the main chamber. This will build confidence and give users some practice. After practice, users are all set to add buds and utilize the time-saving techniques of Trimbag.

For best results:

  • Allow product to dry until outer leaves easily flake off when gently rubbed.
  • Cut flowers from the main stalk.
  • Separate water leaves (leaving large, medium and small flowers untrimmed).
  • Test a batch (results will vary depending on strain, dryness, and motions).

Experience the simplicity, versatility, and innovation of the Trimbag Collapsible Hand-held Dry Trimmer today. Buy  Trimbag Collapsible Hand-held Dry Trimmer + 2 Pairs of Trimming Scissors Click Here!

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