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December 15, 2017 Alabama

Alabama has been in the news this week for its senate race, but amid electoral wrestling a well-known politician has also become a top story with its shot for the decriminalization of small amount of possession of pot in the state.

The Mayor of Tuscaloosa, Walt Maddox has asked lawmakers from the state to find a better way to deal with Alabamans caught with petty amounts of marijuana instead of arresting them. He says that throwing them in jail is not the solution and only puts immense pressure on local administration and law enforcements to establish and ensure the community safety.

Therefore, he has requested the decision makers in Montgomery to consider the decriminalization of cannabis. He has also made it clear that the purpose of this reform is not intended to pave way for the legalization of marijuana in the state but to reduce the burden on jails and law enforcement officials.

Marijuana in Alabama
Marijuana in Alabama – Image powered by Al.com

Maddox has also presented an alternative to treat the cases of petty possession of cannabis. According to him, ticketing the people involved and have their cases tried in municipal courts instead of criminal courts is better option of dealing with insignificant cannabis offenses.

As of now, a Democrat Senator, Bobby Singelton has endorsed the Mayor’s plan to decriminalize cannabis. Singelton says he is always been a strong advocate of decriminalization of minor pot offenses because a large number of people are sitting in jails without committing any significant crime. He also opines that with many states going with the legalization of marijuana, the least Alabama can do is to decriminalize cannabis in order to reduce the load on judicial system and to prevent the overcrowding in jails.

Chris England, a representative from the state has also backed the plea of Tuscaloosa’s mayor because he thinks decriminalization of marijuana will save a lot of valuable time of law enforcement agencies, making things more streamlined and efficient.

Flag of Alabama
Flag of Alabama – Image powered by Wikipedia.org

Nevertheless, Maddox is still short of the support of majority of his colleagues who don’t share his views on decriminalization. Conversely, some politicians also have tepid and procrastinated attitude towards the idea of decriminalization. For instance, Bill Poole, another representative from the state thinks it is unprecedented to have such amendments in the legislation. He also said these measures couldn’t be ratified without comprehensive deliberations in the legislator and without having public opinion on the issue.

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