January 17, 2019

Lately, more people are into traveling. While some prefer an urban setting, others find comfort in nature. Even if one were not out somewhere exploring a new city or a hidden forest, going someplace may not be a matter of luxury but rather a necessity. Wherever it is possible, then it would be nice to have something to bring along that makes the experience of using cannabis so much the better.

As people using bongs know, these things can be bulky and a hassle to bring along on short trips, for example. No matter how durable it is, the fact is that these are glass material and therefore, can break into a trillion pieces. Hence, having a small one that is highly portable makes sense.

There are plenty of choices of portable bongs. It is a far cry from a couple of decades ago when buying one is almost impossible. One particular product that we want to take a closer look at is the Uni-Bong Maker.

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Uni-Bong Maker

Uni-Bong MakerAs beautiful and sexy as the glass is, it is also fragile. Carrying a bong anywhere whenever on the go, being practical sometimes is the best thing to do. That is perhaps the most useful feature of Uni-Bong Maker aside from its functionality.

Here are its key features:

  • Made from durable plastic
  • Clear glass downstem with attached bowl
  • Compatible with any regular screw cap plastic bottle
  • Bottle not included
  • Endlessly reusable
  • Available in a selection of colors

On the manufacturing side, the process of making a bong is too complicated for the average people. Fortunately, that is not the concern of users. Instead, all one needs is a plastic bottle, and the Uni-Bong Maker turns it into one.

After opening the package, one receives a plastic mouthpiece that is attached to a threaded bottle adaptor. Besides that, it also comes with a clear glass downstem (yes, glass) with an herb bowl attached. To use, simply put these all together, screw to a plastic bottle, and there it is – a fully functional bong.

Like its glass counterpart, the use of water is meant to filter the smoke as well as cool it down. As a result, it makes the smoke smoother and easier on the throat and the lungs. It means that even if the smoke is originally harsh, it lessens or in some cases eliminate coughing.

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Reviews and Purchase of Uni-Bong Maker

Uni-Bong MakerWords cannot describe how fantastic and innovative this item is, but the Uni-Bong Maker is unmistakably a game changer. From the people who purchased and used it to the reviewers, the overall consensus is that it works very well.

Using bongs makes for a smoother but formidable hit. But while it is the regular users who are more likely to purchase one, that is not to say that casual users cannot. If there is one thing that can be said of the Uni-Bong Maker, it is that it does not look like a bong at all. Because of that, it affords the users a degree of privacy should it be seen.

For many of its consumers, the compact size is also one of the more impressive things about it. Not only is it easy to bring anywhere but it also gives plastic bottles a chance to be used again for a different purpose before it hits the trash. One reviewer even says that it is so convenient and wonder why no one has ever thought about it before.

More than just convenience with its use, buying it is not a hassle either. The online retailer Grasscity carries it in their inventory, and there are choices of colors too. Best of all, it is only $7.99. Shipping worldwide is free if the total purchase from their site reaches at least $50.

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Impressions and Final Thoughts

Uni-Bong MakerThe concept of Uni-Bong Maker is simple and amazing. It gives users the same smoking experience as glass bongs without having to spend too much. Compared to other portable bongs, its function is that same with regards to filtering and chilling the smoke.

Except for the glass bowl and downstem, the plastic construction makes it light and less likely to break. Small and compact, it works beautifully. In fact, it makes for an ideal gift to friends and loved ones who use cannabis.

Overall, Uni-Bong Maker is a must-have for novice and seasoned cannabis users. It is practical, easy to carry, and certainly makes for a nice addition to the glass collection at home ready for use if needed. Buy Uni-Bong Maker Here!


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