January 14, 2019

October 16, 2018, Connecticut

Legalization of cannabis impacts every area of work in one way or the other. Apart from the commercial aspect of the legal cannabis operation, the academic sector is also witnessing a change that would have been hard to believe a few years back. For example, more colleges and universities are now running research programs on different aspects of the strain. Similarly, some educational institutes now also offer horticulture courses on the strain.

In the latest such cannabis-related academic development, University of Connecticut has decided to offer a marijuana cultivation course in the spring semester for next year. The name of the course is: “Horticulture of Cannabis: From Seed to Harvest” and will be taught by a botany professor of the University. According to the University administration, the course outline entails an introduction to cannabis horticulture and no prior knowledge on the topic is required to be eligible for the course.

Cannabis Cultivation Course
Cannabis Cultivation Course – Image powered by Fortune.com

According to the course instructor Gerald Berkowitz, he has decided to provide students with hands-on knowledge regarding the cultivation of the strain. For that, he has planned to bring cannabis industry experts throughout the duration of the course to enlighten the students regarding different aspects of the cultivation industry. The nature of the course makes it handy and comprehensible for a wide range of students with varied educational backgrounds.

The introduction of this course is an unprecedented move by the University administration, primarily driven by the tremendous student demand for the academic training in connection with the commercial cultivation of the strain.

As for the legal status of this course, the university has got the permission because a functioning medical marijuana program is already in place in the state. The latest record from the state’s Health Department indicates that there are more than 28,000 registered MMJs in Connecticut, served by nine registered dispensaries.

Furthermore, the course instructor will only be allowed to use hemp-only specimen low in THC to teach students. The use of hemp-only and CBD-rich strains has become pretty normal for research and educational purposes.

Expanding the scope of cannabis academia

Expanding the scope of cannabis academia
Expanding the scope of cannabis academia – Image powered by Sciex.com

Before the University of Connecticut, 11 universities and colleges all across North America have started offering cannabis-centered academic courses. It is important to note that all such academic progress only becomes possible after the materialization some cannabis-related reform in the given jurisdiction.

Apart from offering regular educational courses regarding the strain, some institutes are also striving to introduce innovation in the field. For instance, Thomas Jefferson University of Philadelphia recently hosted an entrepreneurial competition “CannaVation”, which was designed on the lines of the famous TV show Shark Tank.

In CannaVation, students are required to come up with unique yet workable marijuana business ideas. The jury has to decide winners by evaluating the ideas on a set of criteria. The winners are then awarded the capital to commence his startup. In addition, the winners are also introduced to the industry experts who help steer them through the sector in an effective manner.

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