January 14, 2019

June 28, 2017 Utah

Activists in Utah, who’re tired of waiting for a head start to be made in the legalization of medical marijuana in the state, started an initiative on Monday to get voters approval to pass the law next year.

The move which has already gained popularity bypasses state laws regarding this issue.

Individuals suffering from chronic conditions, requiring the aid of medical marijuana, coupled with a group called Utah Patients Coalition held lawmaker’s and their inability to pass broad medical marijuana laws responsible for their ballot initiative drive.

The director of Utah’s Patients Coalition, DJ Schanz mentioned, while initiating the drive, that

“The time has come to help alleviate the pain and suffering of the most vulnerable in our society, with the help of a medicine that works for them.”

Utah Flag with Marijuana – Image powered by 123rf.com

Several years ago, The law stated that the use would only be allowed if the marijuana has been obtained from other states. The Republican Governor of Utah, Gary Herbert has repeatedly mentioned that the lawmakers’ believe if a broad medical marijuana law is passed, it might give a chance for people to feign diseases and injuries to get a prescription for recreational use.

The Utah Patients Coalition initiated the ballot to ensure that Utah joins the 29 other states which have broad laws for medical marijuana. The Utah Patients Coalition believes that with proper packaging, control and distribution methods to dispensaries the excessive recreational use of marijuana can be controlled.

Around 50 patients held up placards reading ‘Cancer’ and ‘Epilepsy’ as Schanz spoke to the media. The group of people holding up the cards consisted of children in wheelchairs and other older patients. Senator Mark Madsen, who rather unsuccessfully tried to pass a medical marijuana bill during his time in the legislature, was also part of the attendants. Madsen help up a placard reading ‘chronic pain’, which can be linked to his continuous back pain.

Marijuana – Image powered by Thespruce.com

Desiree Hennessy, who was present at the event to back the initiative, hails from the small northern town of Avon. Through her uncontrollable sobs she made it clear the she wanted medical cannabis to be allowed in the state so she could alleviate the suffering of her son from nerve pain, cerebral palsy and other conditions.

Candi Huff, another participant in the initiative, came from Salt Lake City to speak about the deteriorating condition of her daughter Madison Huff, aged 18. Madison, who suffers from epilepsy, has not shown any improvements from the medication currently being given to her. Huff mentioned that the use of cannabidiol eased the seizures, which is why she wants her to try other forms of cannabis for improved results.

Utah Patients Coalition is extremely hopeful regarding the success of the initiative and plans to get the 115,000 signatures needed for the initiative to be put before voters on ballot.

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