January 14, 2019

November 08, 2018, Utah

In the midterms, Utahans have changed the future landscape of cannabis in the state by voting yes on Proposition 2. With the voters’ approval of the initiative, medical marijuana has become legal in the state. The legalization of the strain for medical uses is indeed a big win for cannabis advocates when seen in the context of long-drawn-out opposition cannabis has had to face in the state.

As per the last reports on the vote count, Proposition 2 has succeeded in bagging 53 percent of votes in its favor. Consequently, the state has now legalized the administration of cannabis for therapeutic purposes. According to the brief summary of the initiative, it entails many significant changes.

Utah legalization of medical marijuana
Utah legalization of medical marijuana – Image powered by Expertjoints.com
  • Like any other MMJ model, the patients will have to get a recommendation from certified physicians if they are suffering from any of the given qualifying medical condition. The issuance of an MMJ card by the state administration will only be possible after the recommendation from the physicians has been issued.
  • Registered patients can buy up to 10 grams of marijuana from licensed dispensaries every fortnight.
  • All those patients who are living far away from a licensed dispensary can domestically cultivate up to six cannabis saplings on the discretion of regulators.
  • For certain medical conditions, patients will have the option to formally designate a caregiver who will help them obtain medical cannabis.

Even though the nascent MMJ program of Ohio is far from being ideal, it still marks a great victory against years of opposition from powerful conservatives. The Mormon Church of Salt Lake City opposed the measure of legalization for years. Whenever the legislature contemplated to approve the strain for medical uses, a strong backlash came from the Church and its followers.

In August, when it became certain that the question of MMJ legalization would become part of the November ballot, the church even launched an official campaign where it canvassed against proposition 2. Apart from the opposition from the church, the proposition also faced lawsuits even when it was not part of the ballot.

One plaintiff filed the lawsuit and ridiculously argued that the measure would jeopardize the religious freedom of citizens. Then the other lawsuit made the case that allowing consumption of MMJ would harm the landlords. Thankfully, the court dismissed both these irrational lawsuits without wasting much time.

Flag of Utah
Flag of Utah – Image powered by Weednews.co

However, it is worth mentioning that amid all these oppositions, the public opinion regarding the legalization of medical marijuana remained encouraging. A last noteworthy survey conducted before the voting indicated that 76 percent of adults in the state favored the legalization of medical cannabis.

While advocates are celebrating the approval of Proposition 2, all the stakeholders of the dispute have also agreed upon a conciliation deal. According to news reports, state legislators, business leaders, and Church representatives have succeeded in finding the middle ground.

Experts think that the comprised deal might turn out to be more liberating than Proposition 2. And if that’s the case, the lawmakers might present it in the legislature for approval, and effectively overwrite Proposition 2.

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