January 17, 2019

One key to a successful grow operation is air circulation. Whether it’s in a grow room or tent, ensuring a constant, consistent exchange of air based on the grow space size is essential.

Concerning indoor growing, air management is structured around three critical axes to ensure healthy plant growth: cleaning of the stomas, air exchange, and air circulation.

Sustained air circulation is vital in obtaining a balanced environment to keep air neither too moist or too dry. This also aids in meeting the humidity, temperature, and oxygen intake requirements, which as a result, contribute to creating the right environment for vigorous plant maturation.

Air should be distributed uniformly all throughout the space, where the exchange needs to be regularly in order to avoid air pockets or stagnant air areas. Likewise, air layers must be minimized, if not avoided, whenever possible.

Hot air tends to flow at the high points while cold air accumulates downwards and unchecked layers can hinder plant growth and also subject the crops to pest or mold infestations. Plant structure can be weakened as well.

Other problems that inadequate circulation of air may cause are increased stress levels, decreased flower density and excessive transpiration. All of these can compromise both the aroma, flavor, and quantity of the crops.
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Equipment for Proper Air Exchange and Circulation

Vortex S-Line Ultra Quiet Fan 6” Fan 347 CFMExhaust Fan

An essential element in air management, this fan extracts oxygen-deficient air from the growing space. It creates the required climate conditions for appropriate plant development, directly affecting the different plant life stage’s triumph or fail. Purchasing a quality, larger fans can prove useful in the long term. Wear and tear can be greatly reduced when usage is not going over the full capacity of the device.

Intake Fan

This fan is quite identical to the exhaust fan, except its positioning is reversed and the power is generally lower. This particular fan brings in fresh, oxygen-rich air into the space and acquiring a high-quality, durable kind to ensure a longer useful life.

Floor Fan

It can be operated at various speeds to adapt to all sorts of room sizes, and its purpose is to recirculate the air near the floor. This is used primarily in large grow operations, and large diameter models are used to cover larger surface areas.

Oscillating Stand Fan

This essential piece of equipment ensures uniform distribution of air in the grow area. Likewise, it is used to cool the vegetative and foliage structure. This fan is typically equipped with a multi-speed function for grow space adaptability.

Ceiling Suspended Fan

Usually, this fan is suspended from the ceiling, in the middle of the top plant and lamp. This small to medium sized floor fans cool the layer of hot air that builds up in between that area. This hot air is known to cause excess transpiration, stress, and upper leaves’ tips burn, all are which is highly damaging to the plants.

Clip Fan

This one is fixed directly to the grow tent structure, fitted with a clip. It has a small diameter and is ideally utilized as one per square meter.


Depending on the conditions of the growing space, Increasing the humidity may be needed, and this device will come in handy in such cases.


High air humidity lures in pests, fungi, and other infestations. A dehumidifier is helpful in preventing the environment from becoming excessively humid.

Acoustic Box

This is an optional device that dampens the noise of the exhaust or intake fan for greater discretion.

Ventilation Ducts

These ducts are available in different materials, ranging from PVC, aluminum to the more high-end linings to guarantee insulation of sound and prices vary as well.

Active Carbon Filter

If growers want to exercise discretion in growing a strongly aromatic strain yet, this filter is a must-have. The active carbon in the filter absorbs smell to keep the desired lower profile.


The two most important variables when it comes to monitoring the climate conditions of any growing space is the percentage of humidity and temperature, in C and F. This device measures these variables with wide measuring ranges. It is usually placed at several different points to ensure all the factors are uniform all throughout the room.
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Vortex S-Line Ultra Quiet Fan 6” Fan 347 CFMVortex started 1998 in Canada, and their ecological building has that most massive vegetative green roof in the country.

The company’s underlying philosophy is to supply customers with the highest quality products. Its activities are driven to set exceptional standards with innovative design and cutting-edge technology.

Vortex is poised to service the fan and ventilation markets with the same topmost level attention as these businesses rapidly expand, alongside its up-to-date technologies as well.

The brand aims to continue its focus of manufacturing more products in the years ahead. This team is committed to its growth – in producing the highest possible quality at competitive prices and maintaining excellent service.
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S-Line Ultra Quiet Fan 6” 347 CFM

Vortex S-Line Ultra Quiet Fan 6” Fan 347 CFMFor the past 16 years, Vortex Powerfans has been an icon when it comes to fans’ design and built. It showcases the latest technology, performance, and design in the market. The S-line is a remarkable series from this brand.

A revolutionary series of fans, the S-line can be purchased at Growers House for $209.99.

This fan combines ultra-quite operations, energy efficiency, as well as a collection of advanced technologies, all to deliver unparalleled performances.

The S-Line Ultra Quiet Fan 6” 347 CFM is one of the quietest fans out in the market today. This inline duct fan is specifically designed for the indoor growers.


  • Dual wall insulation to reduce noise level and prevent condensation.
  • Rubber gasket to ensure a vibration-free and airtight duct connection.
  • Cohesive backdraft damper to avoid leakage of air when the extractor is non-operational.
  • Fan gasket to ensure a vibration-free and tight assembly.
  • Bracket for Mounting designed for trouble-free and quick installation.
  • Polycarbonate casing that is high impact resistant for heavy duty applications.
  • 100% speed controllable motor built with thermal overload protection permanently and lubricated ball bearings. The motor is highly efficient and has low power consumption.
  • Mix flow internal impeller for a cooler motor with impeller design for quiet operation and high air flow.
  • Uncomplicated clipping system to allow fan removal for maintenance.
  • Plug and play on 120v, 60Hz with 6ft Cord included.
  • 70 watts @ 120v. Only 4.9 CFM per watt.
  • 347 CFM (cubic feet per minutes).
  • 10 Year Warranty.

Vortex fans need a solid-state fan controller; The Dial-A-Temp Speed Control is endorsed by the manufacturer as the controller to use with Vortex S-Line.

If a non-solid-state fan controller is used, the unit will not be covered under warranty.

Additional information:

  • Weight: 10.8 lbs.
  • Warranty: 10 Year
  • Dimensions: 6 x 15.375 x 9 inches
  • Voltage: 120v
  • Amps: 0.6 Amps @ 120v
  • CFM: 347 CFM

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