Washington bans cannabis-infused candies and chews

January 14, 2019

October 11, 2018, Washington

Washington is one of those first few US states that legalized the recreational use of cannabis before the recent wave of legalization. From flower to edibles, nearly every THC-derived product is legal in the Evergreen State. However, fans of edible cannabis products have suffered a major setback last week when Washington’s Liquor and Cannabis Board banned some particular type of cannabis-infused sweets. This includes fruit chews, crunch candies lollipops, and all such animated cannabis-infused sweets.

The board has issued a report that acknowledges that the state has approved some product with a lot of appeal for minors. The ban on cannabis-infused sweets has received a mixed reaction from the industry and advocates. There is no debate regarding the child safety exploited by such products. Fifth graders dosing off on cannabis-infused products is the scenario no one even want to imagine.

cannabis-infused sweets
cannabis-infused sweets – Image powered by Merryjane.com

Nevertheless, some stakeholders have raised their concern regarding the arbitrary nature of the ban that put an entire category in the list of prohibited products. Logan Brown who sells the ban products at two different locations in the state through his cannabis company has raised a really valid question. He asks if there is any difference between a cookie and sweet chew for a child. It is true that children are equally incited by cookies too and that is still legal to sell and consume.

The new policy also put several restrictive provisions for other cannabis edibles too. The objective of these limits is to strip cannabis edibles down of their flair. For example, infused chocolate can only be sold in its original color. Similarly, cookies will no longer be dressed with chips and frosting. Mints will also be manufactured in white and only a tinge of color is permissible to represent the flavor.

Some people think that the decision of banning these products is right but have come at the wrong time. Cannabis businesses in Washington have been selling these products for years now. They have heavily invested in the equipment used for the manufacturing of these products. It is important to mention here that the major part of these investments have come from their own pockets since banks don’t facilitate loan offers of cannabis-related ventures.

Washington Cannabis
Washington Cannabis – Image powered by Occnewspaper.com

Many business owners are not sure how they would get their investments back. Some cannabis stores in the state have their 60 percent sales attributed to these sweet edibles. On its part, the agency is going to give enough time to manufacturers and retailers to cope with the outcome of the ban.

Cannabis-infused sweet manufactures will have until the end of the year to come up with a new design and scheme of their products in compliance with new provisions. Similarly, retail operations will have the deadline of April 3, 2019, to clear their current stock. After the expiration of the deadline, businesses will be required to dispose of all the remaining supply. All cannabis-infused candy aficionados in the state are advised to stock up the products before the cutoff date of April 3rd.

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