White Widow and Super Lemon Haze Scrogging in DWC

November 20, 2019

White Widow and Super Lemon Haze Scrogging in DWC

Screen of green or scrogging, involves placing a screen over the plants. This will ensure that the plants remain bushy while getting a lot of yield. There are lots and different methods on how to ensure this like LSTs and tucking the branches. Depending on the grower which one they’ll use.

In this case, GreenMachine used tying the branches to control the plants growth, was he successful? Find out as we record his account of his White Widow and Super Lemon Haze grow.

Grower: GreenMachine
Yield: 5-6oz
Seeds: White Widow and Super Lemon Haze

For the materials, he used the following:

  • Super Lemon Haze seeds (2)
  • White Widow seeds (2)
  • Reverse osmosis water
  • pH down
  • Neem oil
  • Ripening blend
  • General Hydroponics Nutrients
  • Ionic’s UV Balance
  • Screen
  • 2 feet x 2 feet x 4 feet ten
  • 3 feet x 3 feet x 6 feet tent
  • Small turn key cabinet (3 feet x 2 feet x 3 feet)
  • 4-site DWC system
  • Water pump
  • Air stones
  • 1/10 hp Arctica chiller
  • Ez Cloner
  • 3-gallon pots
  • 5-gallon pots

January 27

While scavenging through his personal seed bank, GreenMachine was able to find some strays. He found two White Widow Seeds and two Super Lemon Haze (SLH) seeds, both feminized. His master plan will be to grow some mother plants and then take clones from those. Then the best clone gets to be kept for longer safe keeping.

He began everything about a month ago in a small turn key cabinet that’s only 3 feet x 2 feet x 3 feet. Good thing they discovered early that it’s too small. So, he bought another 6 feet storage cab and transferred every bit of the smaller cab into the larger one.

For the cab, he will be using a 400-watt MH which can cause heat issues. This is in consideration that the cab is still small and the temperature can easily rise. Looking at how his mother plants grew beautifully, it was not such a problem.

Take a peek. Here are the White Widows:

Next comes the SLHs:

The mother’s clones went easy on him especially since he used the Ez Cloner. Imagine, the SLH cuttings immediately showed roots for him in only a week. The White Widow clones also grew roots in only 11 to 12 days.

Then, he transferred these rooted clones into the reservoir that came with the smaller cab. It’s a little shallow; five to six inches deep and it’s only five gallons. It also came with fourteen 3-inch deep net pots.

As for the nutrients, used General Hydroponics to keep them healthy and green. The ppm started at 400 pm and he slowly increased it to 1000 ppm, anything higher than that can cause some serious burns.

Looks like this type of nutrients worked quite well with his DWC set-up. Together, they grew wonderful buds after they started flowering last December 18.

January 28

All in all, there is a total of eight plants growing inside his tent. They are in five-gallon pots in the reservoir with General Hydroponic nutrients. By looking at the size of the buds on his SLHs, everything’s working out well for him.

Not only that, they grew so big that they have overgrown the cab already. As a matter of fact, the temperature keeps rising causing heat issues due to overcrowding. To solve this, he kept the doors open and hang some reflective on the front to give them more room.

January 29

Some leaves are manifesting signs of calcium deficiency. They have been curling and some have a bit of yellowing. To at least lessen it, he added some calcium-magnesium in the reservoir and raised the pH a little bit.

February 3

Branches are bending on their own. GreenMachine had to tie the large colas up. The buds are packing on some weight and that it is the only way to keep the upright.

February 4

Our grower for today is no ordinary grower. Let’s feast our eyes on the juicy buds he was able to produce. This one is from the Super Lemon Haze:

And another from the White Widow:

Well, growing in hydro has a high chance of contributing to this success. In hydroponics, the grower has almost full control of what is going in to the plant and its environment as well. Not to mention in hydro, the growth rate is beyond belief.

February 5

It’s time to have a little check-up on GreenMachine’s mother plants that were grown from seeds.

First up, we have a White Widow. Even though she is a little shorter than the other White Widow, she is more tolerant with the ingredients. Not to mention that her buds are very long and tight. Yum.

To compare them better, here is the other White Widow from the Greenhouse Seeds. One thing that will be very easy to notice is their height. This one is way taller than the other White Widow. Although it is more sensitive to nutrients than the first one. If our grower would not be careful with its feeding, this plant will wither fast.

Another thing, yes, it is taller but the buds are a little bit lose. Her height may also be the culprit considering how close it is to the light.

Moving on let’s have a peek at another mother plant, the Super Lemon Haze. GreenMachine figured out that this plant is a runt. It has been over shadowed by the other plants, so it has not received that much light. It does not have that much branches and buds too.

Meanwhile, her sister is almost the same as her. Although she has a better chance of even having a yield. She’s also not that tall that makes her good for a screen of green grow.

Right now, all plants are under a new formula- a ripening blend. This will help the buds ripen faster than usual. In two to three weeks, GreenMachine would have to start flushing.

February 11

Remember how he planted all seeds at the same time? Well it looks like the two SLHs are going to finish before the White Widows. So, should he wait for the White Widows to mature before flushing them both? Or should go on and flush the SLH?

Well, all these are only test runs to see what is more suitable for a long run. Hmmm… So we have to wait and see of his which plant will remain standing until the end.

February 13

The trichomes of the plants are mostly cloudy, although some are now clear. Super Lemon Haze’s pistils are starting to die yet White Widow are still white. He’s waiting for it to grow at least 20% amber trichomes then he’ll harvest.

February 19

Flowering is already on the 8th week. Supposed to be, this week he’ll start flushing but there are still clear trichomes. So, while waiting for some amber trichs, he will change the reservoir.

February 21

Not much has changed but GreenMachine could not wait and had a taste test. He took a bud from one of the SLHs then smoked it. As for the taste, he said “It’s pretty damn good now, but two more weeks and it’ll be really good.” So, we guess it’s going to be two more weeks until we have another smoke report. Looking like it’s going to be an early March harvest.

March 5

It seems like the buds are irresistible. 13 days have passed since the last update but he has been sneaking some smokes. The high keeps hitting him nicely even though there are not that much ambers in the buds yet.

Oh also, he finally chose which one to keep and give chance for another run: the White Widow.

March 5

March 6

Some mold started developing in two of the buds. Good thing that our grower is a quick thinker and chopped it out right away. Like mold on food, it will keep spreading as long as the area is moist. Chopping the infected areas seems to get the work done since not another sign of mold anywhere.

Another thing that’s working is flushing. He started flushing them yesterday and they look wonderful. Although, not to keep our hopes up, but there’s still not much ambers in the buds.

March 9

He thinks that moving the light cycle to 10-14 would do the trick. It’s been 75 days since the grow started and the ambers still haven’t shown themselves.

But here’s a sample bud from the White Widow:

March 9

March 13

Three days have passed and still no sign of any ambers in the trichomes. Anyway, he has no choice but to chop them up earlier than expected. He’s going out for a few days and no one will take care of the plants.

April 13

Okay, he has not updated us for more than a month. Is this the end of everything?

April 17

So, for the time that he was missing in action, he already harvested the plants even if there were very few ambers. The trichomes were still mostly cloudy and clear but needs some chopping anyway.

After going on a 10-14 light cycle and a week of plain water flushing, he finally did it. Flowering took a total of 12 weeks. All that time must have really been worth it because he was able to harvest a total of 8 grams.

Although the White Widow was too harsh and the SLH was smoother for smoking, but still a bit harsh. About two weeks of curing time helped smooth everything out and even increased the potency.

Now, let’s wait for a few days for him to set everything up for his next run.

May 5

The new system is ready to launch but this time it will be for a screen of green method. It’s a 4-site recirculating DWC system with 4.5-gallon buckets with six inches net pot lids. Then a 5-gallon external bucket with a water pump helps circulate and distribute water as well as nutrients to each site. A large pump gives air to each site. Each site also has an air stone in them that will also aid in diffusing air per site.

It will be housed in a 3 feet x 3 feet x 6 feet tent in the meantime. After setting it up and ensuring it was leak-free, the environment needed monitoring next.

The temperature in the tent is about 10°F, a little bit above room temp.  The water temperature is a different story, it got so hot that even frozen water bottles did not work. In fact, the temperature got so high the water ended up a swampy.

BUT don’t fret, GreenMachine was able to solve the problem fast. Lucky enough, he has a 1/10 hp Arctica chiller in his garage. After intense disinfecting and cleaning, he hooked it up. Guess what? It solved his water temperature issues and stabilized everything.

May 15

Well, the chiller solved the water temperature issues. The temperature of the chiller itself is at 63-64°F and the bucket feeders are at 65-68°F. So finally, the water is not murky or swampy looking anymore.

Thus, this is the perfect time to transfer the White Widow clone that he rooted in the Ez Cloner into one bucket. Then, the other two buckets will have SLH feminized seeds each. GreenMachine still has to wait for it to germinate in the rapid rooter plugs. Meanwhile, the last growth site/bucket will remain empty.

May 16

Okay, now that everything’s going well, he has to do everything to prevent any issues. Starting with root issues, he installed a Sunsun HW-702b cannister filter in the system. This will act as the filter/sterilizer not only for the system, but the chiller as well. Next, he needs to prevent Ultraviolet (UVs) from coming in to the system. UV, a known element to damage nutrient solution, will bring great damage to the roots. He ordered Ionic’s UV balance to prevent this from happening.

Anyway, the two SLH seeds have already sprouted and the White Widow seed is doing well.

May 18

Going back to the temperature, we cannot say that it’s becoming a real problem. During daytime, when everything’s running and the tent is closed tight, the temperature rises. It can go up to 88°F, which he wants to lower but kind of finds it impossible. The only option is to lower the nutrients’ strength or avail a separate air condition for the closet. The latter option might be too much.

Adding another source of heat may not be the most decent thing to do as of now. Yet, our grower chose to run the chiller and filter apart. They both have intakes and return lines to the bucket feeder. This would change anytime soon.

He plans to connect the chiller and filter in lines and use the filter pump to circulate everything. This could aid the chiller in working less than it needs to.

May 27

The connectors for the chiller-filter inline set-up still hasn’t arrived. No nutrients circulation can happen if they don’t arrive soon. GreenMachine is trying his best not to overwork the chiller, if it gives up, everything will be a mess. Of course, it would be impossible to balance anything if there is nothing that needs to balancing. So, he needs to lay off Ionic’s UV Balance until the connectors arrive.

Ionic’s UV Balance admits that continuous use of their product will lead to mineral drop out. This is what happened to the White Widow who started displaying yellowing of her leaves, meaning she already has iron deficiency. Our grower needed to stop using UV Balance and replaced it with fresh nutrients at once.

The area affected with iron deficiency will be gone soon. They are all part of those that grew early. So, they are not that much of importance anyway.

May 30

Forget about seeing a one inline set-up for this grow because GreenMachine said so. He’s sticking with the original two inline set-ups, to save time we guess?

Anyway, the White Widow is recovering from her iron deficiency. Her leaves are starting to grow a deep green color. We figure she’s going to go under flowering anytime soon. Of course, our grower still has to wait for the SLHs to get a little bigger to flower them together.

June 7

GreenMachine has flipped the switch. Flowering will begin and the light cycle will be at 12-12 beginning now. Let’s wait for the magic to begin.

June 13

Looks like the magic is starting to grow. The plants are filling in the screen and it’s starting to look like a great screen of green grow. Our grower has placed the plants strategically that produced a pleasurable visual presentation.

June 13

Those fat leaves in the front corners are from the Super Lemon Haze while the thinner ones belong to the White Widow.

June 16

Screen of green or more popular as “ScrOG”, is a growing method used to have a higher yield. Usually, growers use this to position branches in a way that the lower branches receive the same amount of light as the upper ones. Most of the time, growers tuck the branches under the screen to pull the lower branches up towards the light.

He’s now ready to see them prosper. He positioned the branches and tied them in place. Looking at the pictures, we can tell that the buds are about to sprout anytime soon.

June 17

Last time, he let the plants flower for at least 12 weeks. Not much amber hairs are present then and two more weeks would have made a lot of differences. Learning his lesson, GreenMachine would like to extend this grow. This is in hopes that the two weeks would give a higher percentage of ambers. That is if he can keep keep these ladies alive that long.

June 18

Uh oh… looking from afar, everything seems well. But, when he inspected it closer, one specific area seems to be suffering from nutrient burns. A step close and he saw aphids, or juice sucking insects in his plants, oh no. Lucky he caught it out in time and sprayed them with neem oil that killed them at once. He needs to check them every now and then to make sure they won’t come back.

Anyway, aphids do not mean that he should just focus on it. He changed the reservoir and loaded them out with bloom nutrients.

June 21

The plants are now blooming under GreenMachine’s watchful nose. In fact, he was able to verify that the White Widow is a sativa dominant phenotype by looking at the seven-fingered thin leaves.

Meanwhile, the Super Lemon Haze are indica dominant phenotype. Observe the nine-fingered leaves which served as proof for GreenMachine.

Here we can see how he was able to grow them into a wonderful screen of green:

Again, he took some cuttings to clone. Three from the White Widow and a total of seven from the SLHs. He placed them once again in the EZ Cloner and today is their fifth day:

June 21

And one White Widow even started showing some roots:

June 23

It’s been three weeks since the switch happened and a week since there were signs of flowering. His plants are still doing pretty great. In fact, he has wonderful sea of green above his screen. The ladies would not stop growing with his love.

Meanwhile, the clones are now in 3-gallon pots. Sad to say, one White Widow clone did not make it.  So, in total, GreenMachine has 2 White Widows and 4 Lemon Hazes. The highest plant in the 5-gallon pot is a different one called “Serious Happiness.”

The clones are in a smaller tent that’s only 2 feet x 2 feet x 4 feet in size. It has a fluorescent grow light in it. It will be the clones’ shelter until they are ready for flowering.

July 09

16 days later and he is thinking that his scrog is a fail. He has this one branch that he set as his measuring “stick”. It already hit the light and is already bending over. So much for scrogging, right?

Not only that, the SLH only started showing flowering signs now which means that he is way behind than White Widow. Hmmm… he thinks that the light is the culprit behind this. So, he trimmed some branches to let more light in.

July 10

GreenMachine said he counted there are at least 13 tops from the White Widows. They still won’t stop growing; some tops are a foot long while some will reach the top of the tent. Remember the tent is six feet in height, imagine that.

This is the effect of not tucking the plants’ branches, they won’t stop growing. Well, at least this is a good experience for our grower.

Meanwhile, his SLH plants are also growing, but since it’s only starting to flower now he was still able to make adjustments. He pinched and bent until he felt satisfied with the plants’ position. SLH has the same number of tops as the White Widows although it will be a lot smaller.

Our grower is hoping to finish the Super Lemon Haze by 10 weeks. Although, he is still traumatized and thinks no ambers are there by then.

July 22

Sad news for today.

Are you ready?

The SLH plants are gone. They are taking up too much space and congests the space for the White Widow. So, he cut them out and left the White Widow in the reservoir. He needs to tie the branches since they lost a lot of support from the Super Lemon Haze.

July 29

When he let the SLH ladies go, it was not without its consequences. He had to support every single branch of the White Widow because they were thin with heavy long buds. The branch in the middle is serving as the measuring guide for the plants. It got so tall that it’s starting to hit the top of the six feet tall tent.

Well, at least his White Widows are monsters with lots of buds. Although, he is still disappointed with the height. It is as if he has not trained them at all.

August 5

It’s been nine weeks since he started flowering his ladies. Three to five weeks and he’ll be able to harvest these huge buds. Hopefully, with a lot of amber hairs this time.

Everywhere you look, there are huge and juicy buds.

aug 5aug 5aug 5

Their pistils are also starting to die off. Getting ready for their harvest.

August 13

Week 10 since he started the 12-12 light cyle. The plants’ trichomes are at least 80% cloudy and 20% clear. Little by little he’s getting there.

August 15

GreenMachine is planning to change the light cycle a bit until he’s ready to harvest. For a week, the light cycle is going to be 11 hours on and 13 hours off. The following week, he’s going to change it to 10 hours on and 14 off. Then, one to two days before she gets harvested, it’s going to be total darkness.

Not only that, to prepare their D-day (harvest), he’s going to start flushing her next week. He’s going to continue that until she’s ready to go.

August 19

Today marks the 11th week of flowering. Like he suspected, no amber hairs are in the trichomes yet but he needs to start flushing. He drained about ¾ of the system and replaced it with reverse osmosis (RO) water and corrected the pH. He will continue to do so until the plant is ready to harvest.

The new light cycle (11-13) also begins today.

Looks like it’s going to be a heavy harvest for this one.

August 22

It’s the 12th week today. The light cycle changed once more, this may be the last one and it’s at 10-14.

Meanwhile, his lady’s trichomes are pretty much clear.

August 22August 22

For sure, the ambers today are much more than the same time during the first grow.

August 30

In about two days, it will be the completion date for the White Widows’ 13th week. About a little less than 3% of amber hairs are already there but nonetheless, it needs chopping then. His Happiness clones are already starting to grow and they need the space where the White Widows are right now.

September 1

Two days since last update which means 13 weeks is officially over. Upon closer inspection, GreenMachine saw that the ambers remained the same. Also, there’s no amber on the plant’s actual calyx.

He decided to give it another week of 10-14 cycle and flushing. Then, four days of total darkness then without even further inspecting, he’ll chop it down.

September 4

There’s something magical about this plant that makes GreenMachine impatient. He took it down at 13 and a half weeks and looking like it has 5 to 6 oz yield. Not too bad.

September 4

Look at that big, heavy, long cola

September 4

Hanging ‘em up to dry:

That’s it for GreenMachine’s White Widow/Super Lemon Haze grow in a DWC set-up. We are proud and happy of how this turned out. We thought he’s not going to harvest anything at all. Oops.

Grower: GreenMachine
Yield: 5-6oz
Seeds: White Widow and Super Lemon Haze

It Will Be Better on the Next Grow

In the beginning, we told you there are lots of different methods to scrog. And one of the goals is to restrict their height to a bushy one. GreenMachine has not been successful with that.

His last White Widows almost touched the top of the tent and it’s almost 6 feet in height. If only he tucked them in, right? Nonetheless, we are happy he was able to harvest them still. His happiness clones will also be under scrogging and we know he learned a lot from this one. Hopefully, he’ll be able to apply tucking them in his daily routine now.


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