January 21, 2019

In this day and age where you can just go to the dispensary on the corner and pick up whatever strain you desire, why should you bother with growing your own cannabis? There are lots of reasons why, not the least of which because it’s legal now (in some places anyway).

It’s Less Expensive

Going to the dispensary is not terribly expensive. It’s certainly less expensive than buying it on the street used to be. Depending on how often you go, those trips can add up pretty fast. When you factor in things like gas, one trip to the dispensary can end up costing you a pretty penny. Growing equipment costs some money at first, but once you get a good crop going it’s a lot less expensive than going to the dispensary.

You Get a Real Sense of Accomplishment

When I grew my first plant I felt so proud of myself. I watched this living thing grow from a tiny sprout to a glorious, lush, green, plant. It felt like how I would imagine raising a child would feel like. You get to watch the fruits of your labor quite literally blossom before your eyes, and in the case of growing your own cannabis, you get to smoke it.

You Get to be in Control

When you grow your own cannabis you are the one who gets to be in control. You feed your plants the nutrients you want, you choose whether to grow hydroponically, whether to go organic, you name it. The choice is yours. If you get good enough maybe you can cultivate your own strain.

You Could Make a Little Money

If you get good enough at growing your own cannabis, you can make a little bit of money, maybe even a lot of money. All the growers that I know, make a good living selling their wares to various retail establishments. Wouldn’t you rather make money doing something you love than spending your days at a 9-5, right?

Want to make a little green? Try growing some green! Image powered by Herb.co

It’s More Discreet

I certainly don’t have a problem running into people I know at the dispensary, but I know some people would rather not announce to the world (or at the very least, their boss and/or coworkers. Growing your own cannabis is more discreet than going to a dispensary any day of the week.

It’s Easy to Do

Growing your own cannabis is not as hard as it might seem. If you can grow a houseplant, then you can surely grow your own cannabis. It’s not as simple as that, but as long as you start with a strain that’s relatively easy to grow like Northern Lights, for example. All you have to do is make sure that you have the right set up, and give your plants the TLC that they need. As I understand growing your own cannabis is like riding a bicycle: once you master it, it’s a skill you will never forget.

Featured Image Source: Business Insider

What other reasons are there to grow your own cannabis?  Surely we missed some! Tell us below!

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  1. By Lawrence

    ,09 Jan 2019
    the reason I started growing my own for medical use, was I wanted to make sure my grow was pesticide free.
  2. By Lawrence

    ,09 Jan 2019
    I will also grow vegitables, I am using solar power 60% of the time living in Norther California. My home is kept at 68 degrees year round withan average monthly bill of $100, and that includes the grow house.
  3. By Jan

    ,01 Feb 2020
    I did this before twice, once in ‘72 (in my mothers play room behind a sliding glass door , the other was in ‘80 Outside in southern calif. Love to Watch them grow, as well as cheeper to use.

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