Will CBD Products End Up Replacing THC?

November 22, 2019

Unless you have been living in a monastery the past year or so, you’ve no doubt noticed that cannabidiol, aka CBD has taken over the public consciousness. Dispensaries, health food stores, grocery stores and coffee shops, are just a few of the places you can find and purchase CBD products. Upscale hotels in places like New York City are offering CBD oil as part of their room service package. Lavish restaurants in Hollywood and NYC are infusing CBD into various gourmet dishes.

It’s not just that, all over the internet you can find various news stories about people using CBD to treat this disease, as well as opinion pieces on whether or not CBD has the ability to cure obesity, get people off of drugs, or save the world (that last one is made up, but you get my drift). Major both major soda companies Coca-Cola and Pepsi have teased that they might consider developing their own cannabidiol infused beverages. Of course, both have now retracted their statements and basically indicated that it will never happen, but I believe there was an ulterior motive for their sudden reversal (more on that another time).

Will CBD Products End Up Replacing THC?

The same cannot be said for tetrahydrocannabinol aka THC, which is still (and still is to a certain extent) shunned and enjoyed by only a minority of the population, thanks to cannabis prohibition. Despite recreational marijuana use being legal in ten US states, as well as medical marijuana being legal in more than half of the US, cannabis remains illegal under federal law under the Controlled Substance Act. CBD being non psychoactive keeps it in a legal grey area, allowing it to be sold in places other than the dispensary. With so many people discovering CBD products and reaping the benefits, a question on a lot of people’s minds is whether CBD will end up replacing THC, at least as far as popularity goes.

Honestly, I don’t think so. While CBD products are only going to continue to become more and more popular, especially as more research comes out about the benefits of using them, they will never be enjoyed quite the same way THC is. One reason is because THC gets you high, while CBD does not. People have been using cannabis medicinally for thousands of years, but they have also been using it recreationally for just as long. Humans as a species love to get inebriated and we always will.

CBD products replace THC 2
Image Source: slant33.com

Why People Use CBD/ THC

Another reason is that cannabidiol might be the biggest trend in health right now, but the thing about trends is that they are not static. Eventually the novelty of CBD will wear off and it will just be another herbal remedy. THC will remain at the top, especially when the inevitable happens and cannabis is completely decriminalized or legalized. THC has always been popular among a small subset of people, but now more people are getting high and/or open to getting high than before. One thing you have to consider is that people who use CBD are often using THC as well. Take myself for instance. I like to use CBD to keep my anxiety at bay, and I find it’s great for my sinuses when I have a cold. I use THC for relaxing at the end of a long day, helping me get to sleep at night, and of course for having fun. CBD and THC both help me deal with recurring pain from a really old back injury. As long as people continue to use both, one will never really replace the other.

Featured Image Source: highermentality.com

Do you agree? Will CBD replace THC, or nah? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. By Robert ,09 Jul 2019
    Agree! I am 70 and have my share of aches and pains. I have smoked in the past but gave it up years ago. I tried "cbd" oil and it did nothing for me. Instead, I decided to make my […]Read More

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