January 14, 2019

Medicinal weed is legal in more than three fourths of the US, and recreational is legal in nine states, with more sure to come at the end of this year. A decade ago medical cannabis was legal in only a few states and recreational was legal nowhere. That very quickly changed when Colorado and Washington legalized cannabis for recreational use. Then the rest was like a domino effect, with which there are still no signs of stopping.

Will Legal Weed Lead to Legal Drugs?

It seems that before long, as US representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) predicted, cannabis will be legal throughout the country, possibly by the next presidential election. One of the questions on a lot of people’s minds is, will the social acceptance of cannabis use and the rising tide of legalization lead to the social acceptance and eventual legalization of other recreational drugs? In other words, will legal weed lead to other legal drugs?

Well, in some ways, the ball is already rolling on that. Last year, the state of Oregon passed a bill that decriminalized possession of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy. FYI, this did not make these drugs legal; possession was simply downgraded from a felony to a misdemeanor. Offenders were encouraged to seek treatment rather than sent to jail. So far the experiment appears to be a success. The less people that are being locked up for victimless crimes like doing a little ecstasy, the better.

Will legal weed lead to other legal drugs like mushies? Image Source: mixmag.com

Are Legal Mushrooms Coming to Oregon?

There is a movement currently in Oregon, Denver and California to legalize medicinal use of psilocybin mushrooms, aka magic mushrooms, aka “fun guys”. The movement failed in California because it was believed that the proposed law was considered too lax and there was some concern over public safety.

The proposed Denver and Oregon laws would not legalize recreational mushrooms. Denver’s proposed ballot measure would only decriminalize mushrooms, meaning people caught with them would not see jail time.

Oregon’s proposed law is a lot better. Medicinal use of mushrooms would be allowed as long as patients agreed to be under the careful watch of a professional their first time. As we all know, mushroom trips can be just a tad bit unpredictable, especially when it’s your first time!

Maybe We Will Get Some Legal Drugs Out of Legal Weed

Chances are pretty likely that we will eventually end up nixing drug prohibition. When exactly that will be, depends on a number of factors. Cannabis legalization is gaining ground with both Democratic and Republican members of Congress, but both parties remain pretty opposed to (or are afraid of) speaking out in favor of legalizing other drugs. I don’t know if I would expect this any time soon in the US.

Featured Image Source: Skynews

Do you think legal weed will lead to other legal drugs? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section!

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