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January 19, 2018 Nebraska

With Jeff Sessions annulment of the Cole Memos, many are agreeing that now might not be a best time for states to carry on with their plans of legalization, whether medicinal or recreational. But ground activities are contrary to that. We are already witnessing that the most populous state of the country has started off with its adult-use cannabis program from the beginning of the year.

Aside from that, Pennsylvania has witnessed the opening of first MMJ dispensary in its history, while New Jersey is also gearing up to legalize adult-use cannabis. So it looks like the state machineries are not that much affected from the shenanigans of Sessions.

And Nebraska  may be the next in line of legalization of medical cannabis. But it will depend on the residents of the state whether they think of legalization as an effective mean to provide certain patient what they need.

Flag of Nebraska
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Ann Wishart, a senator from the state’s capital, is moving forward with a resolution to amend the constitution, to allow the voters in the state to decide for themselves about the legalization. She has been a firm supporter of medicinal use of cannabis for years. She thinks that it’s the right of Nebraska residents to get a say on the matter of legalization and MMJ patients in the state should be more protected.

A large number of residents, whether children or veterans, have to unnecessarily suffer just because they are not legally allowed to administer medical marijuana. According to Wishart, state legislators are responsible for the sufferings of MMJ patients because it’s just a matter of days for medical strain to be available if legalization is in place.

She wishes that there will be a day when users of medical marijuana will be treated as patients and not criminals. And they won’t have to go to other states to get their medicines.

This is not the first time Wishart is proactively working on to pave the way for legalization. In March 2017, she introduced the Legislative Bill 622 legalizing medical cannabis for individuals ailing from 19 health conditions. Even though she got the support of 10 co-sponsors along with veterans, mothers of ailing children and physicians, but the bill was rejected by the state’s legislature.

Marijuana Legalization
Marijuana Legalization – Image powered by Kgwn.tv

If the bill became a law, then Nebraskans would be allowed to consume medical cannabis in the form of tinctures, vaporizers and pills.

As it is a known fact that lawmakers from the state were unsuccessful in furnishing a workable MMJ program. Now, the voter might directly be steering the helm of medical legalization. At the present moment, it will be immature to predict the proportion of votes in favor of a MMJ program. But a survey suggests that majority of the adult population of the state endorses the use of cannabis strains for therapeutic purposes.

With Wishart’s initiative, there is a silver lining for MMJ patients in the state. Legalization of medical cannabis might also create the circumstances for the acceptance of adult-use marijuana in the state.

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