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Male, 1981-08-07, Hoorn, The Netherlands, Dutch

My expertises

My specialty lies with 'end-product assessment'. As an certified interpener (cannabis sommelier) I assess dry flower quality for both growers, breeders and dispensaries. On top of that, I consult/train staff members on how to do the same.

Trichome Institute professional interpener certificate (2021)

About me
Starting out in the EU cannabis industry as “bud reviewer” Herbert M. Green quickly dived deeper into all facets of the industry as cannabis journalist (Vice) and freelance canna-content writer. This soon developed into a more top down view as “editor-in-kief’ for several online publications about cannabis and vaporizers.

The way we talk about cannabis is about to change worldwide, make sure you’re having the right conversation now, rather than later.

Mr. Herbert M. Green

Besides cannabis, my interests lie in bushcraft, stories (any medium, primarily Sci-Fi and fantasy) and gaming.


  • Level 1 interpening certification (Trichome Institute)
  • Bachelor in Visual Design (Design Academy Eindhoven)

Milestones I’m proud of

  • Level 1 interpening certification (Trichome Institute)
  • Judge Home Grown Cup 2018
  • Judge Jack Herer Cup 2020/2021
  • Judge Dutch Flower Cup 2020
  • Judge HighLife Cup 2022/2023


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