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Mr Jason Bird

Cannabis indoor cultivation expert at ILGM

Male, 1972-08-02, New Britain, Connecticut (USA), American citizen of English + Polish descent

My expertises

Cannabis cultivation writing

National Honor Society (college graduate w/ 3.5+ GPA, 1999)

About me
Jason Bird has been cultivating organically-grown cannabis in Portland, Oregon, since 1996 and graduated with an AAS degree in Horticulture in 1999. He became a medical cannabis cultivator in 2003 and a medical patient advocate in 2006 after a serious accident. He currently runs a hybrid business development agency bringing economic and energy solutions to cannabis business owners. He is also a cultivation columnist for Fat Nugs Magazine (

I’m passionate about cannabis connoisseurship and craftsmanship with a penchant for terpene-rich flower and solventless concentrate.

Mr. Jason Bird

I love to share my knowledge and experience and to see the community grow.

  • Legacy cannabis cultivator/connoisseur/enthusiast who enjoys live music, the outdoors, and alpine sports.
  • Cannabusiness Development Specialist & solar power advocate.
  • Cultivation journalist
  • Proud parent of an amazing 6-year-old boy.


  • AAS Degree in Horticulture
  • Horticulture Business from Clackamas Community College(1999)

Milestones I’m proud of

  • 26 year cannabis cultivation professional with AAS Degree in Horticulture & Horticulture Business (1999).
  • Knowledge + practice of every aspect of indoor cultivation from seed/clone to post-harvest.
  • Spent 15 years cultivating + teaching cultivation in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP).
  • Seen 125 live performances of the Grateful Dead
  • Seen 200 live performances of Phish


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