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Rob Sanchez

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My expertises

Indoor and Greenhouse Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing at scale. Cannabis industry compliance and Seed-to-Sale software. Agile Coaching and Product Management. Cannabis connoisseurship advocate

Master of Cannabis certification from CTU

About me
Rob has 11+ years of cannabis and software experience. He started as a cultivator and hashmaker in Denver’s medical days before getting involved in software development for the cannabis industry. With a background in traditional software ERP he has made significant contributions to the Cannabis Software space as an Agile Product Manager. Building applications like 365 Cannabis, Viridian Sciences, Ample Organics, BLAZE and more. Rob is triple certified by the Scum Alliance with another cert from PMI. He’s a Certified Cannabis Ganjier and advocate for the industry and community with a weekly podcast called Apartment 113.

I’ve always enjoyed complex systems, building teams and solving problem with tech. Throughout it all, Cannabis Connoisseurship has been a part of my life. High quality products and those who create them should be celebrated and appreciated.

Mr. Rob Sanchez

He is passionate about cannabis connoisseurship and craftsmanship with a penchant for terpene-rich flower and solventless concentrate. He loves to share his knowledge and experience and to see the community grow.

Rob is one of the main contributors to Fat Nugz Magazine and is the founder of Apartment 113 Consultancy


  • Master of Cannabis Certification (MCC) – Cannabis Training University [2022]
  • Certified Ganjier™ (CG) – Ganjier Program [2022]


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