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Cannabis reviewer, canna-culture specialist at I Love Growing Marijuana

Male, 1983-04-05, Johannesburg, South Africa, South African

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Cannabis culture, Creatively talented, Artistically minded, Green thumbed.

About me
Roche, aka ‘Roach’, is a South African-based musician, spoken word performer, artist, and cannabis activist. Being an avid cannabis enthusiast for many years, Roach has formed close bonds with many community members, from growers to activists. He has also collaborated with The Dagga Couple (World renowned South African cannabis activists), appearing in their awareness-raising short film entitled: The Cost.

Cannabis has always been a faithful companion along for the ride, keeping my mind open to new ideas.

Mr. Roach

A born creative, I’ve gotten lost in everything from music to painting to performing, and through it all, I’m still discovering myself along the way. Over the last 25 years, my escape from the daily grind was found through weed, spoken word, and musical expression. I’ve played bass in multiple bands (mostly punk and hardcore), and I’ve grown many successful veggie gardens. So far, my time in this world has made me skeptical of the nature of existence. I call it valid curiosity, whereas some prefer the term “conspiracy theorist.” I currently reside in a small coastal town and own an art business called Obscure.


  • N6 in Photography, drawing and graphic design



Articles by Roach
Picture of Grapericot Pie strain

Grapricot Pie Strain

Grapricot Pie (aka Grape Apricot Pie) is a fairly newcomer on the cannabis circuit, less than a decade old. Showcasing incredible flavor and welcomed effects, …

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Example of Black Runtz strain

Black Runtz

If Willy Wonka had dabbled in cannabis breeding instead of candy treats– the result might just have been the Black Runtz strain.  This coveted hybrid …

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Example of Gush Mints strain

Gush Mints Strain

When you encounter a strain with multiple award-winning accolades that happen to be revered by growers and smokers alike, you tend to stop and take …

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Example of Cake pop strain

Cake Pop Strain

Among a diverse selection of cannabis, the Cake Pop weed strain emerges as a true treat for enthusiasts seeking a delightful and aromatic experience. Cake …

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Ready to harvest Purple Lemonade marijuana plant

Purple Lemonade

People tend to stop and notice when a weed strain is as visually striking as the Purple Lemonade strain. This eye-catching strain is a sight …

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Lime OG weed plant

Lime OG Strain

With the ever-growing list of strains, cultivators, and cross-breeding, tracing the origins of a strain is getting harder by the day, and the wacky names …

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Pirate Cake Weed Strain

Pirate Cake Strain

Strap on your sea legs, you landlubbers, and hop aboard for a ride on the Pirate Cake strain. This indica dominant strain is well-loved for …

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Pure Indica weed plant

Pure Indica Strain

With all the loopy and “out there” names given to cannabis strains over the years, it’s refreshing to find one that lives up to its …

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Point Break strain

Point Break Strain

Surf culture and cannabis have gone hand in hand for decades, facing mainstream criticism, negative stereotypes, and even the occasional ban. In recent years, both …

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