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Mr Spenser

Cannabis Cultivation Expert at ILGM

Male, 1995-10-18, Fullerton, California, American

My expertises

Organic cultivation from indoor to outdoor and hydroponic crop steering, room building, IPM, and more

Part of a team winning 3rd place in the 2019 Washington Cannabis Cup for sun-grown flower, 1st place in 2021 in the Oregon cannabis cup for best cartridge

About me
Spenser has grown cannabis in every state on the west coast of the USA but has primarily been in Oregon. He’s currently the assistant manager at a large grow in Southern Oregon, running indoor, light assist greenhouses, and outdoor. He’s experienced in everything from hydroponic crop steering to organic super soil cultivation.


  • Associates Degree in Landscape Nursery Technology with an emphasis in Plant Production

Milestones I’m proud of

  • Winning two cannabis cups
  • Graduating college
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