Nutrient Problems for Marijuana Plants

I love marijuana nutrient problems

Marijuana nutrient problems

While using any marijuana growing technique, nutrient disorders can occur in every growing medium; rock wool, soilless, aeroponic and hydroponic or soil. Lack of nutrients can slow the growth of the cannabis plants. Also indoor marijuana growers usually have more problems with nutrient disorders than outdoor marijuana growers.



The nutrients disorders or problems can be caused by many issues. The biggest factor is pH value.  Deficiencies in nutrients sicken the cannabis plant. A disproportionate amount of nutrients can cause toxicity or nutrient burn. It can also cause the lock-out of other ingredients.

Because marijuana plants in hydroponic systems need more of one nutrient than others, the water/nutrient solution should be changed every two weeks. You should rinse at the same time. The rinsing prevents fungal or bacterial growth, these fungi or bacteria attack the roots of the cannabis plants.


The three numbers that identify the N-P-K ratio are listed on all fertilizer packages. The numbers are usually shown like this, 25-10-10, with dashes between the numbers. Nitrogen (N) is the first number and nitrogen is needed for leaf development or foliage. Fertilizers intended for heavy leaf growth show a high first number, the other two numbers will be lower. Phosphorus (P) is the second number in the row. Phosphorus is very important for flowering and strong stems. At last, the third number represents Potassium (K). Potassium is good for a healthy metabolic function.

In some cases, after the macronutrients the micronutrients are listed. For example; Magnesium (Mg), Manganese (Mn), Calcium (Ca), Zinc (Zn), Iron (Fe) and Copper (Cu).

The pH of the water you give to the marijuana plant is related with the ability to absorb nutrients. The measurement of how basic (alkaline) or how acidic something is, is called pH. Think of pH like a seesaw. After you add nutrients, it is important to measure the pH value. You can use commercially available pH-up or pH-down mixtures to adjust the pH. You can also use home remedies but more problems occur with this. The commercial products are quite inexpensive and are more concentrated. If you fail to manage your pH levels, the nutrients are basically wasted or unavailable. For hydroponic systems, failing to monitor the pH values can be disastrous. PH is also important for soil gardening.


In this section we will  list (in alphabetical order) the nutrients deficiencies and the effects on cannabis plants. We will explain the following:

-How common is this problem?

-Description of the affected marijuana plant and how the deficiency appears.

-Information about the role that nutrients play in a plant and its mobility. Mobility is the movement of the nutrient, once transported to the site and is there to build tissue, is it moved or fixed? On older vegetation the deficiencies appear because the nutrients that are mobile move to new growth. On new growth the deficiencies appear because the nutrients that are not mobile stay where they are.

-How to fix the deficiency and get your marijuana plant to full health?

Individual leaves don’t recover from nutrient deficiencies, unless the damage is slight. Look at new growth to see if the deficiency has been solved, with non-mobile nutrients. You find the first on older leafs (not in new growth), with mobile nutrients. Especially with nitrogen.

Thanks for reading and if you’re not sure what the problem is with your marijuana plants, please post a picture on the forum or email it to me. Visit my webshop for high quality marijuana seeds.


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  1. my plants are dying, leaves turned yellow, curled up from bottom up. please help. they are at week 8th and starting to flower,.

  2. Have lost your nutrient guide; help quick. Twisted, curled new growth. medium green color, loses older leaves fairly quickly. she should be putting on growth and holding the older leaves longer. please advise, including how to get the whole nutrient guide again. thank you

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