Manganese Deficiency In Marijuana Plants


Manganese deficiencies do not occur that often and are practically always linked with iron and zinc deficiencies. A lack of manganese will show up in young leaves as they start to turn yellow and exhibit small, brownish necrotic areas in the middle of the leaf.

The veins of the leaf will generally remain green. The outline of the leaf will become dark green. A surplus of manganese will produce an iron deficiency. Manganese does not move across the marijuana plant, making it immobile. Download my free marijuana grow guide at this link for more information about nutrients.

Manganese is important for the breakdown of enzymes and also for the production of chlorophyll and photosynthesis. It also helps make nitrates available to aid in protein production.

An emergency tactic for replenishing the manganese levels is to foliar feed the marijuana plants with a fertilizer that has high water solubility and contains a lot of manganese. This fertilizer can be a special Fe-Zn-Mn fertilizer, a hydro micro, or even a manganese chelate. Add this fertilizer to the water/nutrient solution. Greensand and compost also have high levels of manganese, but absorption is slower. You should use a product like Marijuana Booster to ensure that you have a solid mix of every nutrient.

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5 thoughts on “Manganese Deficiency In Marijuana Plants

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  2. I’ve been having a hell of a time with my nutes since I started my 2 months ago. I’m hoping someone on here might have some helpful info. I’m using coco with a flood and drain table. I went heavy with the nutes and locked them up but I did a good flush and stayed over with a new mixture but ever since then they just won’t grow. Like I said, 2 months and the tallest one is 6″. They are very pale green/yellowish and are now all of them are staying to get dead tips on the end of the leaves. I’ve done extensive research and can’t pinpoint the issue. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

  3. Have you checked your oh? Ph is always first priority even before nutrients. Having the proper ph when you flush is essential to helping the recover from lockout.

  4. Question… I have a plant that was vegging for first two months, than for a month I budded , now it’s vegging again.. Should I get rid of it or let it keep growing. Thank you

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