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Mr Chad Westport

Independent Marijuana Breeder at ILGM

Male, American

My expertises

Controlled environment agriculture... which is a fancy way of saying I can grow indoors really well, using a variety of systems.

Degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Small Farm System

About me
Chad Westport is a passionate grower with a love for cannabis education. From home grower to commercial grower, Chad has insights into different styles of growing and the reasoning behind them. Formally educated in Sustainable Agriculture and Small Farm Systems, his focus has been on providing easy to understand information with practical applications for everyone.

Chad received his medical cannabis license in 2011 and quickly had a garden going. From closets, to tents, to whole rooms, he has set them up and consulted other growers on best practices for achieving maximum results and full expressions from every plant. Currently Chad maintains a small private garden where he enjoys testing different techniques, products and genetics.

Refining processes and developing methods that allow all growers to succeed is a driving factor.

Chad Westport

Not limited to hobby level grows, Chad has also worked commercially at the largest indoor garden in his state. He was part of a grow team managing 60,000 sq ft of floor space with over 20,000 cannabis plants of various strains.

The commercial experience was invaluable, but today his focus is on getting new growers growing and then making them even better growers. This is accomplished by cutting through the clutter and by demystifying the process. Overgrow!


  • An Audio Engineering degree gave me a solid foundation in troubleshooting complex systems.
  • The Sustainable Agriculture and Small Farm Systems program I graduated helped solidify my knowledge in the garden and greenhouse.

Milestones I’m proud of

  • Becoming a Medical Card holder which allowed me to grow at home with a license.
  • Graduating top of class in the Sustainable Agriculture program.
  • Cultivator at the largest indoor grow facility in the state
  • Assisting with Medicinal Cannabis knowledge at the State and retail level.
  • Writing for established cannabis seed banks.
  • Creative Director at Dope History
  • Interviewing Tommy Chong, Jorge Cervantes, Mila Jansen, Danny Danko, Ed Rosenthal & more


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