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Nigel Deez

Cannabis Cultivation Expert at I Love Growing Marijuana

Male, 1997-08-27, Louisiana, American

My expertises

Cannabis medical cultivation, packaging, vertical racking, trimming and harvesting

Master of Cannabis certification from CTU

About me
Nigel has been working in the American legal cannabis industry for the past 6 years. He’s worked in areas of the industry spanning from trimming and harvesting all the way to market research and data analytics.
Starting in 2017, he worked to educate and empower students to find jobs and internships within the industry. From 2019 to 2020, he worked in cultivation facilities in Rhode Island and Oklahoma, cultivating medical cannabis and typically working with plants in the vegetative stage. After this, he began writing and selling packaging to different cannabis businesses and shortly thereafter started selling vertical racking equipment

Looking to build this industry the right way for the long haul as an absolute medical cannabis NERD.

Mr. Nigel Deez

With a passion for the culture and the market, I’m taken what I’ve learned in these different arenas and applied them through a writing lens.


  • Bachelors degree from Brown University

Milestones I’m proud of

  • Starting SMART (Student Marijuana Alliance for Research and Transparency) in 2017
  • Growing and harvesting my first crop in 2019


  • Podcast episode on Apartment 113
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