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Regenerative Cannabis Farming Expert at I Love Growing Marijuana

Non-binary, Northern Appalachian Mountains, Turtle Island

My expertises

Regenerative cultivation, living soil, veganic systems, homebrewed nutrients, environmentally-responsible IPM strategies, and fungi cultivation

About me
My passion for cannabis as a whole-plant medicine has evolved from personal wellness-seeking, through community-oriented harm reduction and a dedication to universal accessibility, to working with commercial producers operating within the Canadian regulated industry.

I enjoy examining the wisdom of inherited and colloquial cannabis cultivation techniques through an empirical research lens, and take a “we can always learn more” approach when it comes to developing expertise. I see myself as a translator and communicator between academics and the folks who can benefit from their work.

I believe the best yield is achieved by taking a well-informed, creative, and joyful approach to the holistic experience of growing through the life-long (and multigenerational) relationships we build with our plants. I truly feel that anyone can (and should be free to) grow cannabis!**

(**No intent to encourage law-breaking or to disregard challenges faced by folks in accessing the needed space and resources to participate in this excellent activity.)

I always want to explore the science of why and how a technique or a technology works, and I like to share this understanding with others.

Xavier Kief

Xavier Kief specializes in regenerative, living soil, and veganic systems, working in collaboration with indigenous and companion plants, fungi, and other organisms. They favor natural and homebrewed nutrients (feeding plants with plants, fermentations, and extractions) and environmentally-responsible IPM strategies.

While working with genetics developers and participating in goals-oriented breeding programs (targeting rare and unusual phytochemicals, performing goals-specific varietal selection and improvement), Xavier developed a good knowledge of growing for seed production and ways to fit the right grower and the right growing environment, with the best-suited cultivars based on their priorities and needs.

Furthermore, they have a background in fungi cultivation and a foundation of knowledge in mycology, in particular as it relates to food and medicine cultivation.


  • Bachelor of Arts (English), University of British Columbia.
  • Canadian Good Agriculture and Collection Practices (cGACP) Certification.
  • 10+ years of experience in cannabis advocacy, education, and cultivation.

Milestones I’m proud of

  • Working as a collective member in a ‘legacy era’ Medical Cannabis Compassion Club, providing access, support, and education to patients across Canada.
  • Co-founding a private consultancy to advise cannabis licensees on all aspects of cannabis cultivation and industry compliance under the Cannabis Act.
  • Developing and implementing seed genetics selection, sourcing, and varietal improvement programs for medical and commercial growers.
  • Co-establishing and building a rurally-located project that practices and teaches regenerative land stewardship, with an emphasis on cannabis cultivation, mycology, and responsible wildcrafting for resilient individuals and communities.
  • Producing and providing locally-grown mushrooms directly to consumers for food and medicine.
  • Speaking at Grow Up! Conference Edmonton, 2023.


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